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Updated on 2021 March 02

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Assistant to Director of Human Resources 1000-667

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2021 March 03

Director of Human Resources
STATUS:  Permanent full-time position
STARTING DATE:  April 2021

The Ungava Tulattavik Health Center is located in Kuujjuaq and offers the whole health and social services in the eastern part of Nunavik. Serving seven Inuit communities with an equal number of CLSC, a center for the elderly and the hospital in Kuujjuaq, it employs approximately 1,000 employees: administrators, professionals, doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, support staff, etc.

Nunavik communities are located north of the 55th parallel where a subarctic climate prevails. It implies the existence of permafrost allowing no agriculture. Nunavik is the largest region covering about a third of the total area of Quebec.  No road link exists between the communities of Nunavik and southern Quebec, and between Nunavik communities themselves. We have access to the region and its communities by air travel and by boat.


Under the Director of Human Resources, the assistant to the DHR conducts and coordinates operational and strategic mandates or files and provides support to the Director in all areas of human resources management. He assists the Director in the overall management of human, material, financial and informational resources and replaces him during his absences. He ensures the effective management of labour relations files and coordinates, in collaboration with managers, the handling of complex files.

He sees to the attraction, integration and maintenance of a sufficient and qualified workforce. To do so, he ensures counsel, coordinating, supporting and coaching role within the establishment by identifying, analyzing and proposing action and operational plans to meet human resources needs for the entire establishment.

Through its expertise, he analyzes, defines and proposes strategies and actions to meet the needs of organizational development, work organization, implementation of levers for mobilizing human resources, sustainable conditions for individual and collective development, a plan for skills development, knowledge transfer and individual assessment of human resources.

He exercises his leadership in a context of change and continuous improvement. He participates in the development of a global vision for management, strategic orientations, objectives and action priorities. He provides high-level leadership in all the management functions entrusted to him. He implements high quality services, optimized and of high-performance. He shares with his superior, decision-making powers and accountability with respect to the results set forth by management.


Bachelor's degree in industrial relations or administration with a human resources field or any other training combined with relevant work experience;

Master’s degree in a discipline relevant to the position; absence of a master's degree may be compensated by a significant management experience;

Continuous improvement training will be considered a major asset.

Minimum of five (5) years experience in human resources and recognized professional expertise;

Work experience in a remote region and native environment is an asset;

Two (2) years of relevant management experience is an asset;

Capacity for analysis and synthesis;

Demonstrated proficiency in interpersonal and communication skills;

Mobilizing leadership, skilled in change management and problem solving;

Adaptability, autonomy, discipline, initiative and innovation;

Bilingualism English/French (spoken and written) is essential; knowledge of Inuktitut is an asset;Available to travel by plane to the other communities of Ungava Bay.


Conditions and benefits

SALARY:  Working conditions shall be those applicable to middle managers of the Health and Social Services network.

CLASSE 39:  Min.: 82,111$    to   Max. : 106,744$ / year
ISOLATION PREMIUM:  10,015$ or 17,652$ / year, as per the family status
HIGN LIVING COST:  3,075$ / year or more as per the family status
RETENTION PREMIUM:  6,000$ to 10,750$ / year

If you desire of professional experience in a Nordic context, we invite you to join our team.  Anyone recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality where he is required to perform his duties, shall be entitled to three or four vacation trips per year (as per the family status), housing provided, moving and storage expenses.

*Hiring priority is given to candidates on replacement list or to internal candidates of the MHSS

**Only those selected for an interview will receive a response.

Additional details

Please send your application in English and French by email:  samuel.mercier@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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