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Agent / agente d’intervention (6000-1000-019)

Ulluriaq Boys Unit, Montréal
2021 June 17

Permanent full-time position (38.75 hours/week)  Night shift
SERVICE: Ulluriaq (boys unit)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Rehabilitation Head of Programs
DIRECTION:  Direction of Regional Rehabilitation Services
STARTING DATE:   As soon as possible

To ensure the safety, support and supervision of the youth client placed within a YPA or YCJA Rehabilitation Center. Welcomes young clients and manages in time of crisis, disruptive behavior, or help in time of special needs. Meets some of the needs of young people according to the rehabilitation goals pursued. Intervene physically when the situation requires and proceed with searches on clients when requested and also inside and outside the facility.Observes the behavior of the clients and share observations through significant reports within the continued treatment of the youth. Carries out safety rounds of the facility.



High School Diploma;
Bilingual English / French spoken and written, knowledge of Inuktitut would be an asset
Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience
Capacity to adapt to a clientele from a different cultural background
Be sensitive, understanding and emotionally mature and display a positive attitude
Capacity to intervene physically when the situation requires
Must have good interpersonal skills
Available to work day, evening and week-end shifts
History working with youth is an asset
Willing to participate in any training provided by the employer or educational institution and deemed necessary for a more effective performance of their duties or tasks
Share knowledge and skills, work in collaboration with social interveners
Must have a valid driver’s license

Conditions and benefits

SALARY:   Min. 804.45$       Max. 899.78 $ for 38,75 hours

Additional details

Please send your application, mentioning the job posting number by email:  emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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