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Updated on 2023 December 05

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Development Agent (6000-1000-003)

Ulluriaq Boys Unit, Montréal
2023 December 11

Temporary full-time position (35 h/week)
SERVICE:  Ulluriaq (boys and girls units)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIEUR: Rehabilitation Head of Programs
DIRECTION : Direction of Regional Rehabilitation Service
STARTING DATE:  As soon as possible

Person who conceives, updates, analyzes, evaluates and implements programs to correct adaptation and learning difficulties of the clients;
Attends intensive counseling meetings and presents clients to the team at team meetings;
Assumes responsibility of all intensive counseling clients by preparing individual client binders based on goals of placement;
Prepares individual client binders based on the reasons of placement;
Supports and validates weekly behavioral contracts for clients;
Ensures observation reports and intervention plans are up to date;
Supports the educators in gaining a better understanding of logging and completion of clinical documents;
Assess the needs of the clients with the unit manager, offers input, creates and implements clinical programs;
Tracts the completion of clinical programs with the help of assessment forms at the end of each session and keeps the unit manager informed;
Meets with clients as needed in order to support the key worker or to implement individual or specific programs;
Supports the community worker in setting up cultural programs as needed;
Supports all the group homes and reception centres based in Nunavik (clinical tools, workshops, programs) upon request;-Offers to serve Inuit clients located outside the region when requested (Batshaw).


Bachelor degree in Child care, psycho-education, Social Work, criminology or related discipline;
Knowledge of best practices in rehabilitation centers
Demonstrated knowledge of the psycho-education model, the cognitive-behavioural approach and the circle of courage;
Knowledge of different approaches and theories related to the clientele served (e.g. attachment theory, motivational approach, dialectical behavior theory, systematic approach, etc.)
Clinical credibility with peers, colleagues, partners and management;
Demonstrated ability to work with tact and discretion;
Demonstrated ability to develop and implement behavioural assessment and contracts;
Demonstrated ability to train;
Relevant experience of at least two (2) years in a rehabilitation center for youth with adjustment difficulties and working with Inuit youth;
Must be fluent in English and French (spoken and written), knowledge of Inuktitut would be an asset;

Conditions and benefits

SALARY:  Min: 947.80$    Max.: 1,679.30$ for 35 hours

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