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Updated on 2022 June 23

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Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2022 June 30

Under the responsibility of the head of the care unit, specialized services, URDM and Sailivik (RPA) person who, in a multi-clientele unit, welcomes and accompanies users during the evaluation of the mental state and during treatment. It supports service providers in special circumstances. It observes the behavior of users, monitors them and animates them. It participates in the identification of the user's needs and shares its observations by means of significant reports for the continuation of the treatment.
She participates in the intervention in times of crisis, disorganization or special needs. She may search the user during admission or at any other time when required. It can provide users with basic care, including hygiene and food care. In addition, she may be called upon to assume tasks relating to the supervision, discipline and safety of the users under her responsibility and of the people around her. She can intervene physically when the situation requires it. May be called upon to make airborne transfers or act as a security guard as needed.


Admissions and departures:
1.In collaboration with the UDS nurse, take care of the user at the time of admission
2.If necessary, proceed to the description of the goods, carry out a complete search of the luggage and inform the nursing staff when objects or substances deemed dangerous are seized
3. Welcome the user to the UDS and see to his integration
4.Inform the user of the rules of life and safety at the UDS
5. Ensure the safe transfer of the user between nursing and the UDS when the patient's situation requires it
6. Prepare all the user's personal effects ready to leave the UDS on the day of departure

Care for hygiene, sanitation, comfort and activities of daily living:
1. Provide the user, as the case may be, with partial or total support or assistance for activities of daily living (hygiene care, clothing, food), maintenance of their space, clothing and of his personal belongings and provide him with the products intended for hygiene
2.Initiates, animates and gets involved in the development of recreational activities adapted to stimulate or maintain the autonomy of users
3. Provides the user, if necessary, with goods not available at the UDS (cigarettes, soft drinks, hygiene products, etc.)

Safety of users and places:
1. Provides all users with the established level of supervision
2. Performs regular rounds of the UDS and immediately reports to his immediate superior or his representative any breakage, defect or anomaly observed that could endanger the safety of users and staff
3. Anticipates and participates in all emergency situations
4. Participate in the security check of the UDS
5. Collaborates in the implementation of measures aimed at improving safety for users, staff and visitors

Movement of users:
1. Escorts the user at high risk of running away or aggression outside the UDS for any authorized outing requiring supervision (cigarettes, groceries, walks, etc.)
2. Participate in the aeromedical evacuation (Med Évac) between villages or to Montreal when required

Collaboration with the interdisciplinary team:
1. Participates with the other members of the team in identifying the needs of users, developing and evaluating therapeutic objectives and interventions aimed at satisfying the identified needs
2. Participates in the development of the care plan and the updates
3. Communicate without delay to the nursing staff any relevant information relating to the state of health and the behaviors observed in the user
4. Assists the other members of the team on request during their interventions with the user
5. Performs rounds of users in the isolation room every 15 minutes or less and informs the nurse of any particular problem
6. Participate in the course of meals
7. Support the UDS team in their various tasks

  • Must have a secondary school diploma (DES) or the equivalent recognized by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport
  • Training in physical maintenance or support, an asset
  • Must hold a valid private security bureau (BSP) agent license
Experience required
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience (intervention with young people, psychiatric clients, in emergency situations or with difficult clients)
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Ability to work within a multicultural work team;
  • Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
  • Bilingualism (English-French), spoken and written, Inuktitut will be an asset
  • Ability to negotiate empathetically, relational skills, pacifying attitude
  • Ability to intervene physically
  • Ability to manage stress, manage priorities, sense of autonomy, selfmanagement, good judgment
  • Developed sense of observation, concerned about the condition of users
  • No active or pending criminal case before the courts; no history of sexual abuse, no alcohol or drug addiction
Conditions and benefits
  • Salary between 21.60$ and 24.15$ per hour ;  
  • Cargo premium : $115.64 per week ; 
  • Remoteness premium : Between $203.66 and $358.99 per week ; 
  • Shift : Day (38,75 hr  per week or 7.75hr  per day)
Additional details

Those interested to apply are requested to do so in writing at this email address: judith.lamarre.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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