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Updated on 2020 August 05

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Permanent position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Financial Management Agent - Montréal 1000-621

Ulluriaq Boys Unit, Montréal
2020 August 10

Permanent full-time position (35h / week)
IMMEDATE SUPERVISOR:  Financial resources coordinator
STARTING DATE:   As soon as possible

Person who design, analyze, evaluate, and provide accounting, financial, and statistical professional techniques in order to assist with the financial management of the institution. More specifically, she:

Produces, analyzes and regulates the monthly financial information and ensures the accuracy of the information;
Analyzes SBFR to track departmental funding adjustments;
Analyzes payroll, accounts payables and INIHB expenditures;
Participate to the production of the annual budget;
Supervise the technicians in charge of accounts payable and accounts receivable for the proper allocation of expenses and revenues;
Participates in the interim and annual audits and monitors the recommendations of the auditor;
Works closely with all directions and provide the documentation and the assistance required for proper following and management of their budget;
Must take all other related tasks.


Bachelor of Business Administration; specialization in accounting;

Minimum of three (3) years of experience in a similar position in the Health and Social Services;

Knowledge of the MSSS Financial Management Manual will be considered a significant asset;

Knowledge and experience working in a computerized financial management environment;

For example Logibec (Pay Module, GRF, GRM and GRI) an asset;

Bilingualism essential (English/French) spoken and written; knowledge of Inuktitut is an asset;

Analytical skills, discretion and honesty; 

High autonomy and sense of responsibility;;

Capacity to work in team and communicate well with others;

Strong interest in working for a remote facility and with Inuit culture;

Conditions and benefits

SALARY:  Min: 856.10$   Max: 1434.30$ /week

Note: The position is based in Montreal but the person must be available to work in Kuujjuaq upon request.



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