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Updated on 2020 April 03

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Temporary position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Human Relations Officer 1000-135

CLSC, Kangirsuk
2020 April 02

Temporary part-time, 35h/week (2 months at work followed by 2 months off) (duration of one year with possibility of prolongation)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Head of program (Social Services)

Provides a psychosocial intake and a follow-up service;
Provides, alternately, 24/7 emergency psychosocial services and emergency measures under the Youth Protection Act;
Assist users having psycho-social problems such as: family violence, substance abuse, suicide;
Intervene in crisis situations and ensure emergency on-call duty
Work in collaboration with the inuit social aid of the CLSC
Provide collaboration and support to the social organizations of the community, when needed
Intervene, depending on the case, according to an individual, family or community-based approach
Promotes a multidisciplinary approach within the different programs of the CLSC
Work on making the population aware and rally their interest on social problems


Must have a Bachelor degree in Social Work, Psychology or Educational Psychology
Must be a member of l’Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec OR l’Ordre des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (in accordance with Law 24)
At least five (5) years of relevant work experience with various clienteles
Bilingualism (French and English), Inuktitut would be an asset
Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team and interested in sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues
Organization skills, initiative and autonomy
Available to travel whenever request by the immediate superior
Valid driver’s licence

Conditions and benefits

SALARY : Min.: $ 883.75 Max.: $ 1582.70 /35 hours
NORTHERN PREMIUM : $ 226.39 or $ 399.10 / week, as per family status
HIGH COST LIVING PREMIUM: $ 94.65 / week or more, as per family status
RETENTION PREMIUM : $ 134.15 / week

Any person recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she is called upon to perform her duties, will be granted annual trips and lodging unit as per status (shared lodging if necessary).

Additional details

Please send your application, mentioning the job posting number: By email: emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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