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Updated on 2023 September 21

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Management position


CLSC, Kuujjuarapik
2023 September 30

Person who designs, implements, updates, analyses and assesses activities and provides guidance and counselling services in one or more social programs.

Under the authority of the Direction of Community Services and supervised by the Mental Health Youth Manager, the HRA Worker in the Youth Mental Health position works in collaboration with the local Community Worker(s)-Social Aid(s) to deliver day-to-day generic social services. This position also carries specific responsibilities for providing services to individuals 25 years of age or less as well as their families.
The social worker is comfortable with crisis intervention and problems of suicide, family violence, sexual abuse, and addiction as well as severe and persistent mental health problems.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field

Experience required

Minimum of two years experience in the Québec Health and Social Services network
Experience working with youth and families and asset

Essential skills and aptitudes

Flexibility and open-mindedness.
Willingness to discover different visions of, and approaches to, individual, family, and social problems.
Adaptability particularly as related to intervention techniques and strategies.
Acknowledgement of, and respect for, Inuit culture and values.

Conditions and benefits

35 hours per week with on-call time
Hourly wage between $27.08 and $47.98
Cargo bonus
Removal premium
Retention premium
Furnished housing provided

Additional details

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