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Updated on 2023 October 02

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Temporary position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Human relations Officer - Evaluation / orientation

DPJ, Hudson Bay
2023 September 30

Person who designs, implements, updates, analyses and assesses activities in one or more social programs.
Person who, under the authority of the Director of Youth Protection, will be responsible for :

The evaluation within the time required, the situation of children whose case was chosen for evaluation purposes and to determine the level of risk;
Intervention in crisis situations;
Determination on the compromise of the security and development of the child :

Checking the facts reported;
Assessing the situation of children;
Assessing the vulnerability of the child;
Assessing the ability of parents;
Assessing the capacity of the environment
 Report writing and record keeping standards and laws;
Representations to ensure the Youth Division;
Assume some periods of psychosocial on-call duty;
Any other related duties at the request of his supervisor.


·      Must hold a first terminal University Diploma in Human Sciences in : Social Services, Criminology, Psychology, Psycho-Education;

·      Be member of l’OTSTCFQ or be able to perform activities reserved;

Essential skills and aptitudes

·      To have a practical and theoretical knowledge of the Youth Protection Act and the protection concept;
·      To possess pertinent experience working with children and youth;
·      Fluency in French and English, spoken and written;
·      Highly adaptable in a different environment and culture;
·      Developed sense of analysis and synthesis;
·      Ability to work under pressure, in an emergency and crisis context;
·      Respect for the confidentiality of files
·      Valid driver's license

Conditions and benefits

Hourly rate between $27.08 and $47.98;
Full-time position (day 35h/week + on-call duty); 
Furnished accommodation and air transportation provided by the centre;
Cargo premium: between $36.64/week and $146.29/week; 
Isolation premium between $203.66/week and $240.25/week;
Retention premium between $114.99/week and $225.18/week depending on years of service in the North;
Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the health centre

​***The professionals of the health and social services sector can ask for a Northern leave (of up to 48 months) from their establishment in order to work in the Nunavik region***

Additional details

Those interested in applying are requested to do so in writing to this email address:​  recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca 

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