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Updated on 2021 May 14

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Permanent position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Human Relation Officer Kangirsuk 1000-298

DPJ, Kangirsuk
2021 May 15

Application of measure– Kangirsuk
STATUS : 1 permanent full-time position (35 hours/week)
STARTING DATE  :A soon as possible


Person whom, under the authority of the Director Youth Protection and his/her Assistants, perform activities of analysis, conception and evaluation for the signalement retain and the conception and actualization of intervention plans in order to put an end to the compromising situation of beneficiaries. The person would also have to implement measures ordered be the Court or the agreements of voluntary measures.  The person will assume some psychosocial on-call duty. The person will be asked to make replacements in one of the seven communities of Ungava Bay.



Must withhold a first terminal University Diploma in Human Sciences in : Social Work, Criminology, Psychology, Psycho-Education;

In the absence of an HRO application that meets all the requirements of the position, a candidate with a technique in an appropriate discipline (ex.: social work, special education, delinquency intervention, etc.) may be considered.  If a technician candidate is selected, the applicable salary scale will be the one that corresponds to his/her level of education.

To have a practical and theoretical knowledge of Youth Protection Act and the protection concept;

To possess pertinent experience working with children;

Ability to communicate correctly in English, French and ideally in Inuktitut;

Ability to adapt to a different culture and environment;

A sense for analysis and synthesis;

Capacity of working in a context of emergency, instability and pressure; 

Capacity of working in a team;

Discrete, autonomous, emphatic, diplomat, responsible, with a good sense of listening, added with initiative, strictness and proper judgment;

Respect for clientele and Respect for authority;

Must detain a valid driver license



Conditions and benefits

SALARY:    Min.: $883.75/week       Max.: $ 1582.70 / week
ISOLATION PREMIUM    : $226.39 or $399.10 /week, as per the family status
COST OF LIVING PREMIUM :  $94.65 /week, or more, according to family status
RETENTION PREMIUM  :  $134.15/week or as per the number of years of service

Any employee recruited in Québec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she/he is called upon to perform her/his duties, will be granted annual trips and lodging unit as per her/his status (maybe shared lodging if necessary temporarily).

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