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Updated on 2023 December 05

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Human Relations Officer - Home care (Kuujjuaq) 4000-442

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2023 September 30

*Ongoing posting*

Human Relations Officer - Kuujjuaq

PROGRAM: Home Care
STATUT: TEMPORARY full-time position (35 hours/week) - Vacation Replacements
STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

Under the direction of the Head of Home Care Program, will provide services of evaluation, follow-up, orientation and reference to people in lost of autonomy having psycho-social problems. Will work with a multidisciplinary team, participate to case discussion, be able to asset the client needs with the multi-clientele evaluation tool and to do intervention plan. Will work with an individual approach, with relatives and all the partners of the community. Will give professional support to the homecare team and other coworkers, develop or participate to prevention program and work on making the population aware and rally their interest on social problems.



Must have a university degree in the humanities or social sciences such as social work, criminology or psychology. In the absence of a Human Relations Officer who meets all the requirements of the position, a candidate with a technical background in an appropriate discipline (e.g. social work technician or special education) may be considered. If a technician candidate is selected, the applicable salary range will be that which corresponds to his/her level of education;
A minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience a significant experience of work with people in lost of autonomy an asset;
Fluent in English and French (spoken and written) Inuktitut would be an asset;
Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team and interested in sharing knowledge and experience with co-workers;
Good knowledge of the using of the multi-clientele evaluation tool (OEMC);
Excellent knowledge of the Curatelle Laws and others that concern the clientele program;
Methodical, responsible and autonomous;
Available to travel and perform psychosocial on-call duties;
Detain a valid driver license.

Conditions and benefits

SALARY: Min: 947.80$ Max: 1679.30$ for 35 hours/week
HIGH COST OF LIVING: 61.16$ /week
RETENTION PREMIUM: 114.99$ /week 

Any person recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she is called upon to perform her duties, will be granted annual trips and lodging unit as per her family status, shared lodging if necessary.

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