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HUMAN RELATIONS OFFICER - Prevention & Promotion (Dependency / Addiction)

CLSC, Kuujjuarapik
2023 October 31

Under the Direction of Community Services, the Addiction Prevention & Promotion worker will participate in seeking creative, community-based and Inuit-appropriate strategies to mitigate and prevent addiction problems. Under the supervision of the Manager of Prevention & Promotion, the worker will work in close collaboration with the addiction workers in Kuujjuarapik as well as with Inuk partner and various professionals and community stakeholders to provide a variety of services and programs related to addiction.

Under the authority of the Manager of Prevention & Promotion, the addiction Prevention & Promotion worker will:

  • Establish community links and anchors on which to base efforts to address issues of addiction issues.
  • Develop and evaluate promotion and prevention activities in addictions for youth and young adults in collaboration with local interveners and diverse community partners including schools, CNVs, Youth Houses, Family House, Women’s Shelters, residential resources (Group Home, Mental Health Centers, etc.) and other community organizations.
  • Engage in promoting the program and services offered to the community.
  • Participate in campaigns to raise community awareness on the nature, consequences and other concerns relevant to addiction issues.
  • Assist in developing community-based responses to the issue of addiction and recovery and healing.
  • Organize public group workshops on healthy habits and lifestyles
  • Work in collaboration with the social service workers on the coast on issues related to assessment, referral and clinical support follow up, etc in accordance with addiction.
  • Create and present popular education activities on topics such as understanding addiction, information on resources, etc.
  • Work in collaboration with local Community Liaison Wellness Worker.
  • Identify training needs and assist in organizing training sessions.
  • Fulfill the requirements for monthly reports and weekly statistical reports.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Addictions, Social Work, criminology, psychoeducation or any related filed of study.
  • A D.E.C with work experience in addiction will also be considered
  • Formal training in addiction is an asset
  • Fluency in spoken and written French and English;
  • Valid driver's license
Experience required
  • Minimum of two years experience in the Québec Health and Social Services network
  • Experience in working in the field of addictions
  • Experience in community development
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness.
  • Creativity and highly developed capacity to rally partners to joint action.
  • Acknowledgement of, and respect for, Inuit culture and values.
Conditions and benefits
  • Full time permanent position
  • Day (7hrs/day - 35hrs/week) + on call evenings and weekends
  • Salary between $26.28/hr and $47.04/hr
  • Cargo premium: $36.64/week 
  • Remoteness premium : 203.66$/week without dependent and 358.99$/week with dependent
  • Retention premium: $114.99/week 
  • Furnished housing provided;
  • 3 to 4 outings per year depending on family status;  
  • Air transportation paid by the center.
  • Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the health centre
    - Up to 16 weeks off per year

    ***The professionals of the health and social services sector can ask for a Northern leave (of up to 48 months) from their establishment in order to work in the Nunavik region***
Additional details

To apply, please contact recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca 

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