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Human Relation Officer FAMILY-TYPE RESOURCE PROGRAM - Kuujjuaq 1000-305

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2021 May 06

Youth Protection - Kuujjuaq
STATUS :   Full-time (35 h/week)
STARTING DATE  :   As soon as possible

Person whom, under the authority of the Director Youth Protection and his/her Assistants, perform activities for selection, recruitment, evaluation for the family-type resources.  She participates to the elaboration of a permanent and coherent recruiting plan for the establishment. In collaboration with the designated intervener, participates to the elaboration of the intervention plans for family-type resources. She is doing the best pairing possible between the resources and the clients. She offers a professional follow-up by offering support to the resources and to the clients. She will be requested to travel to the different communities of the Ungava Coast.

P.S.:In the absence of an ARH application meeting all the requirements of the position, a candidate with a technique in an appropriate discipline (eg: social work, special education, intervention in delinquency, etc.) may be considered. If a technician candidate is selected, the applicable salary scale will be that corresponding to his level of education.


Must hold a first terminal University Diploma in Human Sciences in :  social services, criminology, psychology, or psycho-education;

Must possess 2 years of experience with foster families;

To have a practical and theoretical knowledge of Youth Protection Act and the protection concept;

To possess pertinent experience working with children;

Ability to communicate correctly in English, French and ideally in Inuktitut;

Ability to adapt to a different culture and environment;

A sense for analysis and synthesis;

Capacity of working in a context of emergency, instability and pressure; 

Capacity of working in a team;

Discrete, autonomous, emphatic, diplomat, responsible, with a good sense of listening, added with initiative, strictness and proper judgment;

Respect for clientele; Respect for authority.

Must detain a valid driver license

Conditions and benefits

SALARY :  Min.: 883.75$           Max.: 1582.70 $ 
NORTHERN PREMIUM :  191.93 or more as per the family status
RETENTION PREMIUM  :   114.99$ / week (temporary measure)
HIGH COST OF LIVING PREMIUM :    59.14$ / week or as per the family status

Any employee recruited in Québec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she/he is called upon to perform her/his duties, will be granted annual trips and lodging unit as per her/his status (shared lodging or transit if necessary)

Additional details

PLEASE SEND YOUR APPLICATION BY EMAIL: emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.


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