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Assistant Chief Medical Technologist Quality EBMD

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2022 October 15

Under the responsibility of the Hospital Services Coordinator, the Medical Technologist or Certified Medical Laboratory Technician who, in one or more disciplines of a medical laboratory, shares responsibility with the department head for all techniques used. This person participates in the development of new techniques of a specialized nature, beyond the scope of the analyses normally or routinely required in medical laboratories. This person is responsible, when required, for the initiation and systematic training and quality control of work performed by all other assigned personnel (including resident physicians when applicable).
Actively participates in the continuous improvement and prevention of risks in the laboratories and services, ensures the safety components and follows up by reviewing situations that have had, or could have had, an impact on patients/families and employees. She ensures the analysis of the situation and prioritizes the corrective measures to be taken.


In collaboration with other stakeholders (clinical instructors, technical coordinators, etc.), Organize trainings on various topics, such as;

  • WHMIS, biosafety, health and safety/UBM
  • TDG (transportation of dangerous goods)
  • Biological spills
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Facility specific orientation
New laws, regulations and OPTILAB or facility documentation and follow up (outreach, understanding, documentation, questions, etc.)
Management/use of tools such as document manager, web-based analysis directory, etc.
Any other training of interest in quality and biosafety
Ensure proper training and evaluation of staff knowledge and skills in collaboration with the Medical Officer;
In collaboration with the Radiation Safety Officer, establish training and certification schedules for staff for irradiators and use of radioactive products;
Support the process for sample acceptance and rejection (training, pending cases, problems) for different groups such as residents, externs or for different software such as DSQ and follow up;
In collaboration with the Quality Manager and the Biosafety Officer, ensure the quality process by referring to recognized standards, accreditation bodies, regulations and laws, etc;
Participate in various mandates related to quality for OPTILAB;
Follow up on non-conformities and provide assistance in maintaining quality;
Follow up on critical values to be communicated by the personnel;
Verify the information in the Directory of Analyses and inform of any non-conformities noted or the absence of relevant data;
Attend the different committees/meetings of quality assurance of the sectors, when required;
Ensure the execution of good practices according to the procedures and policies in effect;
Write certain documents and checklists for OPTILAB or for a specific department and ensure their standardization and compliance (this involves presenting the documents to the department heads concerned when there is an implication on the processes and implementation);
Manage standardized documentation on the document manager and upload documents, quizzes and tests;
Monitor calibration and certification of various equipment, e.g. pipettes (twice a year);
Participate in audits, process studies and follow-ups required to maintain quality; 16. 16. Supervise the evaluation of new products;
Ensure the planning, implementation and action plans of the various mandates assigned to them.

  1. Act as a liaison between the laboratory, the medical officer and the various users of the EBMD (ADBD);
  2. Oversee the implementation of the EBMD (ADBD) equipment and related policies and procedures;
  3. Ensure compliance with identification standards (dual identification of the diagnostic sample and patient identification) and acceptability;
  4. Ensure that prescribers provide the information required for proper interpretation of results;
  5. Establish and supervise the methods of transmission of results;
  6. Ensures that all processes meet biosafety criteria, such as safe handling of the diagnostic sample;
  7. Coordinate the management of diagnostic samples, internal/external quality controls and calibrations;
  8. Ensure adequate training and evaluation of EBMD users' knowledge and skills (ADBD), in collaboration with the Medical Officer;
  9. Collect and analyze data required for quality assessment of results in collaboration with the medical professional concerned and ensure the implementation of audits
  10. Maintains the list of EBMD devices (ADBD);
  11. Ensure compliance with EBMD standards and regulations (ADBD).

Organizational Component
  1. Know and ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the safe delivery of care and services. Participates and intervenes to maintain the safety of all;
  2. Contributes to the maintenance of a safe environment and practice by respecting and applying the policies, procedures and regulations in effect within the institution;
  3. Participate in the analysis or investigation of a non-conformity or complaint;
  4. Ensure the integrity of data entries and their retention.

  • Participates and supports the training of new employees;
  • Any other task as requested by his/her superior.

  • College diploma (DEC) in biomedical analysis;
Experience required
  • Three (3) years of experience as a medical technologist or laboratory technician in an industry within the last five (5) years in a similar or comparable setting or five (5) years of experience as a medical technologist or laboratory technician in a consolidated or pathology laboratory within the last eight (8) years in a similar or comparable setting. Minimum of five (5) years clinical experience in medical biology.
  • Membership in the professional order of medical technologists of Quebec is an asset.
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • The following knowledge and skills:
  • Have a good sense of priorities and organization;
  • Demonstrate motivation and adaptability to change;
  • Have a good sense of teamwork;
  • Good interpersonal communication and coaching skills;
  • Have a concern for quality;
  • Have a good perception of the role;
  • Good self-awareness.
Conditions and benefits

Based in Puvirnituq

  • Full time permanent
  • Hourly rate between $25.39/hr and $39.40/hr
  • Cargo premium: $115.64/week
  • Removal premium: $203.66/week without dependant and $358.99/week with dependant
  • Retention premium: $114.99/week 
  • Furnished housing provided;
  • Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the center;
  • 3 or 4 outings per year depending on status;

Additional details

To review the job description and requirements and to apply, please contact recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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