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CLSC, Kuujjuarapik
2021 September 30

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre (IHC), with more than 950 employees, is part of the health and social services network in Quebec, Nunavik region. It provides the Hudson's Bay territory of approximately 7,000 people with front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support services. In addition, he provides services related to the protection of young people and the management, for the Nunavik region, of Ullivik located in Dorval. The latter's mission is to welcome Inuit people who are to receive health services in participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed in seven communities on the Hudson Bay coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

Under the responsibility of the coordination of the dispensaries, the assistant-nurse-in-chief is responsible for the organization and monitoring of the operation and care provided at the dispensaries' service points, in accordance with the policies and procedures in place in the facility.  In addition, she performs the duties usually assigned to nurses at dispensary point points.  (Refer to the nurse's job description at the dispensaries' service point.)

Note: The nature of the tasks may differ from one service point to another, particularly for those supported by a clerical assistant or liaison nurse
Note: The AIC may delegate certain tasks, but ultimately remains responsible for their performance in accordivity. It must follow up.
The following task description includes, but is not limited to:

General tasks
1. Supervise and coordinate the work of clinic staff (nurses, northern facility attendants, housekeepers, security guards)
2. Ensure the quality of services provided in the clinic and take all necessary measures to maintain and/or correct it as necessary in collaboration with the coordination of clinics.
3. Participate in the performance evaluation of substitute nurses and new staff in collaboration with the coordination of dispensaries.
4. Ensure that all biomedical equipment in the clinic is maintained and in good condition. Follow up with biomedical engineering technician as needed
5. Ensure maintenance and good condition of the equipment in general in the dispensary. Follow up with technical services as needed.
6. Ensure the allocation of accommodation to transient staff at the request of service managers. Hand over the keys and relevant information to this accommodation to the staff. In case of problems (cleanliness, cable, telephone, complaint, etc.) follow up with human resources.
7. Coordinating the transportation of travelling personnel. Follow up with the 'driver' or with human resources in case of problems.
8. Make sure of the different clerical tasks.
9. Receiving and guiding new staff
10. Receiving and directing visitors
11. Plan and facilitate internal management team meetings and disseminate clinic information to clinic coordination and vice versa (various requests, staff dissatisfaction, etc.)
12. Ensure interdisciplinary collaboration with community workers, human relations officers and social workers, doctors, northern facility workers, community liaison wellness workers, etc.
13. Maintain links with the Community Health Committee, the school or other local organizations and work with them as needed.
14. Report any problematic situations to the coordination of clinics
15. Represent the clinic's interests with the clinic coordination and advise the clinic at its request
16. Perform any other related work requested by the immediate superior.
17. Directs user complaints to the Complaints Commissioner
18. Directs employee complaints to the relevant immediate supervisor and/or to human resources
19. At the request of the clinic coordination, carry out an inventory of the medical equipment and proceed on the forms provided to the boat order once a year.

Daily tasks
1. Check the day's departures and ensure transport of users
2. Check the next day's departures
3. Temperature-taking of refrigerators containing vaccines
4. Temperature-taking of the oven
5. Identify user records that are seen by doctors and specialists
6. Collecting the records of people returning from appointments (MNQ and PUV)
7. Ensure that laboratory results have been signed by the village doctor and apply the treatment plan indicated by the doctor
8. Ensure that the equipment to be sterilized and the filling of the rooms is regularly done by the attendants of the Nordic establishments
9. Report any problems with sterilization to the sterilization worker in Puvirnituq.
10. Supervise interpreters: (sterilization, distilled water, room filling, filing of documents, sorting)
11. Follow-up of users returning from out-of-school appointments with MNQ liaison nurse
12. Immediately report any technical, biomedical or computer problems immediately by way of DS-2
13. Ensure that the archives are properly kept by the interpreters. Reports any problems to the archives manager

Weekly tasks
14. Check oxygen supplies, order technical services as needed
15. Counting and overhauling the emergency room. Replacing equipment if necessary.
16. Ensure that all on-call staff (doctors, nurses, social services, Youth Protection, puvirnituq laboratory) are up-to-date for the current period and make them accessible to all staff.
17. Order and track orders at the pharmacy or store.
18. Send laboratories, mail bags, surplus equipment or other items deemed relevant to Puvirnituq after consultation with the coordination of the dispensaries.
19. Ensure the working condition and fuel supply of the vehicles. Follow up with technical services for regular maintenance or repairs as required.
20. Make sure you have all the invoices for purchases in the dispensary's COOP account. Invoices must bear the initials and the name of the service of the person who made the purchases.
21. Send the statistics sheets each week by mail bag.
22. Coordinating medical visits. Ensure that requests for consultation are completed properly and assess whether the user's situation still requires medical consultation.
23. Check the list of specialists visiting the North and prepare lists of users to be seen. Send lists based on requests from specialized services.
24. When the lists of specialist services are released, contact patients within a reasonable time to find out if the schedule is right for them and whether they still agree to see the specialist.
(a) If the schedule is not suitable, notify specialist services and plan a new time slot if possible or replace the user
b) If the patient no longer wishes to see this specialist, note the reason on file, on the consultation and review the file by the village doctor.
25. Send copies (yellow) of medical consultations to the archives for general practitioners and to specialized services for consultations with specialists.
26. Allow one hour in the week for a team meeting to transmit information and discuss PRN cases (md, inf, interp., s.s., etc.)
27. Review the list of loaned items and follow up.
28. Count narcotics according to the schedule AND each time a nursing staff member arrives and leaves.
29. Keep track of the general timesheet of northern facility attendants. Encourage all employees to complete and sign their electronic timesheets if possible before leaving on Friday 5:00 p.m. Make a reminder on Monday morning.
30. For nurses, group paper reminder sheets and scan them into a single mailing to the coordination of clinics.

Monthly tasks
1. Manage the list of expired medicines from the pharmacy and emergency room and ship expired medicines to the Puvirnituq pharmacy.
2. Prepare the medical visit for the month (village without permanent Md). Provide a room and an interpreter to assist him.
3. Send the temperature control sheets from vaccine refrigerators to the community health nurse and the temperature control sheets of the steamers to the laboratory.
4. Make nursing staff custody schedules for the month in a fair and equitable manner.
5. In the first Mail-Bag of each month, send to Puvirnituq's accounting via Mail-Bag
Has. Heating oil bills
B. Co-op invoices (Purchases made with the card)
c. All cargo warrants

Bi-monthly tasks
1. Ship pharmacy order on schedule (keep a copy while waiting for receipt)
2. Ordering material (keep a copy while waiting for receipt)
3. For special prescriptions and vaccines, ship your orders two weeks before the scheduled date for the pharmacy order.



Depending on the employment rating of 2489 or 1912 for unionized health and social services staff
Member in good standing of the OIIQ
Extended role training
AIC training (3 to 5 working days)
Class 5 driver's license if you use a CSI vehicle
Back-up training for fitness and mental fitness assessment (as part of Act 90) for nurse technicians.
Minimum 1 year in CLSC
Minimum 2 years in the Nordic environment
Minimum of 5 years as a nurse.
Bilingual, oral and written French and English;
Inuktitut an asset;
Ability to work as part of a multicultural work team;
Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
Positive leadership
Open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability;
A comprehensive and inclusive vision;
Solid clinical judgment;
Easy for interpersonal relationships
Mastery of the PIQ
20 hours per year required, including 7 hours accredited according to OIIQ standards;
Minimum 1 annual training relevant to the field of practice according to the schedule provided by the nurse trainer;
Any other training for professional development purposes relevant to the field of practice.


Conditions and benefits

Permanent full-time based in Kuujjuaraapik
Hourly rate according to the collective agreement         
2489  Between 24.87$ and 43.06$        
1912  Between 26.43$ and 49.82$      
Rotation + on call
Premium cargo $36.64/week
Removal premium $191.93/week without dependent, $338.29/week with dependent;
Retention premium $287.47/week
CLSC Premium $186.00/week
3 to 4 outings per year depending on family status
Furnished accommodation provided 
Air transport paid for by the centre

Professionals currently in the health and social services network can apply for Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) from their institution to work in Nunavik. 


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