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Updated on 2023 September 21

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Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 September 30

Reporting to the pharmacist, the senior pharmacy technician assistant (ATP) performs the following tasks:

Greets patients and nurses:
 Ensures that the prescription given is complete, and completes it if necessary.
 Ensures that all requests for service contain the information necessary for the pharmacist's work (e.g.: proper patient identification, transferable or renewable request, need for paper file, etc.).
 Searches for patient record in AssystRx or creates it according to standards requested and shared with Voyer/Tellier pharmacy.
 Punch each prescription
 Scans each prescription and associates the scanned prescription with the prescription in the patient file
 Enters data into AssystRx
 Collects information required by the pharmacist in the event of a transfer request
 Manages traffic to avoid patients waiting at the pharmacy counter or unnecessarily in the waiting room if they can come back later.

Prescription preparation :
 Properly counts, measures and packages medications according to their pharmaceutical form
 Correctly identifies drugs in each patient's name
 Ensures that each prescription entered and/or prepared is checked by a pharmacist before being given to the patient.
 Magistrale: identifies the appropriate recipe, makes the necessary calculations, prepares and measures the appropriate ingredients, has them checked by a pharmacist, makes the preparation, packages it appropriately and identifies it. The final packaged and labelled product is also checked by a pharmacist.
Dispense medications to patients when the pharmacist does not need to intervene. Always ascertain the intentions of the pharmacist on duty
 Dispense medications directly from the pharmacy, ensuring patient identity.
 Dispense Schedule 3 or non-scheduled products

Prescriptions written outside pharmacy opening hours: the ATP is responsible for managing these prescriptions as in the 'Welcoming patients and nurses' section when traffic is lower and ideally within 24 hours of receipt.

Narcotics report: together with the pharmacist, the ATP is responsible for checking the count of narcotics, controlled drugs and benzodiazepines once a week. Verification takes place on Fridays, covering the period from the last report to the previous Thursday. A count is therefore made weekly.
Inventory management: the ATP is responsible for checking inventory, placing orders and returning products to stock when orders are received. Inventory management also includes filling the CLSC emergency cart. For the tasks described in this paragraph, the senior ATP gradually transfers this workload to our Inuk clerk.

Inuk Clerk: The Senior PTA actively participates in the training, orientation and supervision of the Inuk Clerk:

Other related duties:
 Ensure that the premises are clean (floors, counters, sinks, garbage garbage cans).
 Ensure that all materials are in sufficient quantity (stationery, vials, bottles, jars, bottles, labels, receipts).
 Ensure that our cash register accounting operations are carried out regularly. This includes making regular deposits


Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in pharmacy technical assistance from a school recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, or equivalent qualification.

Experience required

1 year experience in a similar position

Essential skills and aptitudes

 Proficiency in Word and Excel
 Communication skills in French and English (bilingual);
 Team spirit;
 Strong sense of collaboration and communication skills;
 Flexibility and excellent adaptation skills;
 Strong interest in working in a different cultural context and environment;
 Ability to work under pressure and in emergency situations;
 Discretion, autonomy, responsibility, curiosity, resourcefulness.

Conditions and benefits

Salary: from $22.54 to $26 per hour
36.25h per week + on call
Retention bonus: starting at $114.99/week
Cargo premium: $115.64/week 
Removal premium: from $203.66/week 
3 to 4 annual outings depending on family status;
Up to 16 weeks of annual leave;
Group insurance;
Furnished housing provided;
Moving and storage expenses paid by employer, if applicable;
Air transportation paid by the center.

Additional details

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