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Updated on 2023 February 08

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Senior technical assistant at the pharmacy (Kuujjuaq) 1000-639-640

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2023 February 17

STATUS : 2 permanent full-time position  (36.25 hours/week)
SUPERIOR : Chief pharmacist
STARTING DATE : As soon as possible
Responsible for supplying the reserves and looking after the inventory;
Verify and store the merchandise received at the pharmacy;
Computerize the prescriptions, print the labels and prepare the medication in accordance with the procedure and the established distribution schedule. Serve the medications to the customers from the Kuujjuaq community and to the hospitalized patients;
Answer the questions on the phone and those from other services according to the policy and within the extent and limits of his/her knowledge;
Fill out the medication orders from the villages as per the established policies;
File the prescriptions and maintain the inventory of drugs;
Responsible for ordering the drugs, vaccines, or any other type of request related to the inventory management;
Participate in the delegation process (DVCC) for some specific activities;
Participate in optimization projects for the pharmacy.


Must detain a DEP as a pharmacy technical assistant;
Bilingual English/French, written and spoken, is essential and Inuktitut is an asset;
Knowledge of the International System (SI);
Knowledge of computers;
Adequate knowledge of Assyst Rx software and Gespharx;
Easy and efficient teamwork.

Conditions and benefits

SALARY : Min.: $817.08    Max.: $942.50 / 36.25 hours
ISOLATION PREMIUM : $203.66 per week  
HIGH COST OF LIVING : $61.16 per week

Any employee recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she/he is called to perform her/his duties, will be granted annual trips (4) and lodging. Shared lodging or transit if necessary.

Additional details

Send your application in French and English by email at : emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca


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