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Updated on 2021 April 12

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Management position

Head Nurse 1000-042

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2021 April 25

2nd posting

Mid-manager position for the Care Unit
(Hospital Department, clinic and sterilization, in Kuujjuaq)
STATUS:  Permanent full time position (35h/week)
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Director of Nursing and Hospital Services
STARTING DATE:  As soon as possible

The Ungava Tulattavik Health Center is located in Kuujjuaq and offers the whole health and social services in the eastern part of Nunavik. Serving seven Inuit communities with an equal number of CLSC, a center for the elderly and the hospital in Kuujjuaq, it employs approximately 1,000 employees: administrators, professionals, doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, support staff, etc.

Nunavik communities are located north of the 55th parallel where a subarctic climate prevails. It implies the existence of permafrost allowing no agriculture.  Nunavik is the largest region covering about a third of the total area of Quebec.  No road link exists between the communities of Nunavik and southern Quebec, and between Nunavik communities themselves. We have access to the region and its communities by air travel and by boat.

Under the supervision of the Director of Nursing and Hospital Services, the Head nurse exercises leadership in a context of transformation and continuous improvement and manages the human, material, informational and financial resources under his/her responsibility in accordance with departmental orientations and the achievement of expected results. He/she ensures the organization, delivery and quality of care and services offered to users in the activity centers under his/her responsibility (care unit, outpatient clinic and sterilization). He/she applies the required control mechanisms and reports on results.

He/she provides innovative leadership to promote excellence in the practice and execution of activities. Manages professional activity with a constant concern for the implementation of good practices and works closely with partners to develop interdisciplinarity. He/she ensures the application of clinical and administrative policies and procedures with respect to the delivery of care to users of the activity centers under his/her responsibility. He/she ensures the emergency administrative guard, on rotation, for all the services of the Health Center in Kuujjuaq



Member of the O.I.I.Q.
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or Bachelor's Degree by accumulation of certificates; if the Bachelor's degree is not fully completed, exceptional experience may be considered;
A strong sense of responsibility and organization is essential;
Ability to withstand stress, be self-sufficient and able to work in a very different cultural environment; flexibility in work schedules;
Ability to be directly involved while supervising a multidisciplinary team and prioritize good interpersonal relationships; positive leadership is essential;
Bilingual English/French, spoken and written, Inuktitut is an asset;
Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience as a nurse plus two (2) years of experience in managing a care unit.


Conditions and benefits

SALARY Class 37:  Minimum 73,955.$      Maximum  96,141.$
ISOLATION PREMIUM:   $10 015.00/ year, as per family status
CARGO PREMIUM:  $3085.00 / year or as per the family status
RETENTION PREMIUM:  $14 000.00 /year

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are now working within the Health and Social Services sector you may be entitled to ask for a "northern leave of absence".

If you have a desire of a professional experience in a Nordic context, we invite you to join our team.  Anyone recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality where he is required to perform his duties, shall be entitled to : three or four vacation trips per year (as per the family status), housing provided free of charge, moving and storage expenses.  We invite you to visit the www.health-social-services.ca you will find additional info about our Health Center.

*Only those selected for an interview will receive a response.

*Hiring priority is given to candidates on replacement list or to internal candidates of the MHSS

*Priority will be given to candidates who are beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.

*Candidates may be asked to experience various tests, including a psychometric test.

Additional details

Send your application in French and English either by email: emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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