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Updated on 2021 March 02

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Management position

Head of Rehabilitation Unit 1000-581

Rehabilitation Centrer of Puvirnituq, Puvirnituq
2021 February 26

Puvirnituq Group Home (Atsanirq)
STATUS: Mid-Manager permanent full time position
SUPERVISOR: Head of programs
STARTING DATE: As the integration of the unit (previous date April 11th, 2021)


Administer and manage all activities related to the Rehabilitation Unit and its human resources, ensuring budget planning, assessment of material needs and staffing;

Ensure the quality of services by developing and leading therapeutic activities and counseling;

Ensure flow of communications with the client’s parents and other interveners;

Ensure training of staff;

Ensure adequate standards of safety, order and hygiene in the center through the implementation of policies and procedures.



College Degree specialized education technique, or Secondary V with pertinent experience;

Two (2) years of pertinent experience in management;

Five (5) years of pertinent experience in rehabilitation

Strong leadership skills;

Knowledge of child and youth development, and different theory and approches;

Ability to teach and train staff regarding child and youth development;

Significant capacities to organize and manage staff, budgets and material installations;

Responsible and ethical, especially pertaining to client confidentiality;

Able to communicate with professionals and the population;

English mandatory and Inuktitut is an asset;

Possess a valid driver’s license.

Conditions and benefits

The applicable working conditions are those of managers in the health and social services sector :

SALARY CLASS - 37:    Min: $73,955 / Max. : 96 141 $ / year
ISOLATION PREMIUM : $10,015 or $17,652 / year, depending on family situation
RETENTION PREMIUM : $6,000 / year or more depending on number of years of service
HIGH COST OF LIVING:   6,013 $ /year, or more according to the family status

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are currently working in the Health and Social Services Network, you have the opportunity to request a leave of absence without pay to work in a northern institution.


If you have a desire of a professional experience in a Northern context, we invite you to join our team. Anyone recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality where he or she is required to perform his or her duties will be entitled to: three or four vacation outings per year (depending on family status), free housing (shared accommodation or transit if necessary), moving and storage expenses. 

Note: Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

*Priority will be given to managers having job security.

*Priority will be given to candidates who are beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.

*Candidates may be asked to experience various tests, including a psychometric test.


Additional details

Send your application in French and English either by email: emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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