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Management position

Head of Rehabilitation Unit (Girls Unit) 6000-2000-019

Ulluriaq Boys Unit, Montréal
2023 December 11

Ulluriaq Girls unit
STATUS: Mid-Manager Position - Temporary full-time
SUPERVISOR: Montréal Rehabilitation Services Coordinator
STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

The rehabilitation unit for girls, is a “globalisant”  unit located in Dorval. It has the mandate to provide culturally adapted rehabilitation services to Inuit girls under the Youth Protection Act (YPA). Based on a psycho-educative model with a cognitive-behavioural approach integrating the concepts of the Circle of Courage.

Take note that this unit will move to Pierrefonds in 2026-2027

Administer and manage all activities related to the Rehabilitation Unit and its human resources, ensuring budget planning, assessment of material needs and staffing;

Ensure the quality of services by developing and leading therapeutic activities and counseling;

Ensure flow of communications with the client’s parents and other interveners;

Ensure training of staff;Ensure adequate standards of safety, order and hygiene in the center through the implementation of policies and procedures


Bachelor degree in Child Care, psycho-education, Social Work or related discipline. 

Two (2) years of pertinent experience in management

Five (5) years of experience in a residential treatment or external service treatment milieu for youth in difficulty and their families.

Bilingual (English/French)

Fluency in Inuktitut is  a strong assest

Demonstrated knowledge of the psycho-educative model and direct child care intervention plans.

Demonstrated ability to work with, lead and supervise teams.

Shows commitment to the interests and the rights of clients.

Shows commitment that client services be family centered, sensitive to and adapted to  Inuit needs.

Conditions and benefits

The applicable working conditions are those of managers in the health and social services sector:
SALARY: Class 37     Minimum:  $78,482/year    Maximum:  $102,026/year

Priority is given to Managers who are entitled to job stability.

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