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Updated on 2021 June 17

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Temporary position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Interim Head of Programs - Tusaajiapik Elders’ Home & Day Center 2000-419

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2021 June 17

Temporary (35 hours/week) - non unionized with working conditions applicable to the managers
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Director of Community Services
DURATION:   Temporary full-time assignation, one year
STARTING:  As soon as possible

Under the authority of the immediate superior, the person plans, organizes, directs and controls the activities and programs offered at the seniors' residence and the Day Centre. Plans the financial, material, informational and human resources of Tusaajiapik and the Day Centre in collaboration with the associated stakeholders. In collaboration with its staff, internal and   external partners and network stakeholders, it develops a social geriatrics approach within its services. Ensures that the seniors' residence is a living environment adapted to the Inuit culture. Manages the activities related to the services provided to registered users and ensures that the services offered complement other services in the institution and in the community. Contributes to the establishment of a residential unit for people with cognitive disorders and manages this unit. Ensures the administrative management and accountability of the services under her responsibility and provides follow-ups to the persons concerned. Plans and coordinates the Board of Directors of the Day Centre, which is a community organization. Reviews and proposes an organizational structure in accordance with our clientele and current requirements. Will be called upon to collaborate in the implementation of the “Maison des Aînées” de Kuujjuaq and ensure its management.


Bachelor's degree in Nursing, a Master's degree in Health Services Management would be an asset, or;

College degree in Nursing DEC with pertinent managerial experience;

Have a minimum of two years of relevant experience in the health and social services network with clients suffering from loss of autonomy;

Has experience in managing a community organization or community health programs;

Knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and various types of dementia;

Experience in Nunavik or in a remote region, an asset;

Proficiency in English and French (spoken and written). Knowledge of Inuktitut would be an asset; 

Positive leadership, team player and organizational skills;

Ability to work in conditions that are not always optimal;

Good ability to adapt to a remote environment and to work with Inuit clients and staff;

Valid driver's license.

Conditions and benefits

SALARY: Salary shall be those applicable to the managers of the Health and Social Services network.

CLASS 37:  Min.: $ 73 955.24    Max.:  $ 94 141.13 / year
ISOLATION PREMIUM:  $ 10 015 or $ 17 652 / year, as per the family status
HIGH COST OF LIVING:  $ 3 075 / year or more, as per the family status
RETENTION PREMIUM:  $ 6 000 or $ 14 000/year, according to professional job title

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are presently working within the Health and Social Services network, you are entitled to request a leave of absence to work in a northern establishment.

If you have a desire of a professional experience in a Nordic context, we invite you to join our team.  Anyone recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality where he is required to perform his duties, shall be entitled to: three or four vacation trips per year (as per the family status), housing provided free of charge (transit or shared lodging if necessary) moving and storage expenses.


Additional details

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