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Head of services – Application of measures

DPJ, Puvirnituq
2023 June 30

Under the authority of the Assistant Director of Youth Protection, the manager ensures direct supervision of the interveners under his responsibility according to the activities of the teams which he is responsible for (the application of measures, adoption and Foster Home resources of its territory). He is also responsible for inter-establishments and inter-provincial agreements. He is responsible for HRA and community workers based in Puvirnituq. He develops partnerships and maintains good relations with the IHC and community organizations established in Puvirnituq. In addition, the manager shall ensure that activities and services which he is responsible for, apply the intervention protocols, clinical processes and practices in accordance with the Youth Protection Act and this based on regional and provincial expectations. He develops appropriate practices and guidelines in accordance to the region and the Inuit culture.


  • Plan, coordinate and supervise services;
  • Ensure clinical supervision and management of designated teams; - Ensure the execution of all elements of program(s) under his responsibilities;
  • Participate in the assessment of needs, the development, framing, implementation or modification of programs and services, as part of his duties;
  • Participate in the development of standards and guidelines for programs, clinical staff and monitors their implementation as well;
  • Participate in the hiring process;
  • Ensure the daily orientation and staff training;
  • Evaluate the efficiency of staff;
  • Perform administrative functions related to human resources (approval of timesheets, expenses accounts, travel requests, etc.);
  • Distribute the caseload in a balanced way, according to expertise and availability of workers;
  • Actively collaborate with IHC, community organizations, groups or individuals and help establish service paths to promote partnerships;  
  • Take part in the provisionnal planning in order to develop standards;
  • Establish with partners and community representatives a consensus approach including family councils and this, at different steps of the process of youth protection;
  • Perform other related duties upon his immediate supervisor’s request.

  • Must hold a first terminal University Diploma in Human Sciences in Social Services, or other related diploma with a combination of relevant experience.
Experience required
  • Deux (2) ans d’expérience à titre de gestionnaire (atout)
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Theoretical knowledge and experience in the field of youth protection (YPA), excellent knowledge of the protection concept;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of clinical processes and intervention protocols of YPA and of the Health and social network in Quebec;
  • Knowledge of child development and family dynamics;
  • Knowledge of life projects and evaluation of parenting skills in a child protection context;
  • Demonstrated ability to educate staff on policies and procedures inherent to the Youth Protection Act;
  • Ability to effectively communicate clinical and theoretical knowledge;
  • Clinical and administrative knowledge in the youth protection and foster families sectors and skills to provide supervision, training and guidance to staff;
  • Recognizes ability to work with colleagues and partners;
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure in a context of complex systems of service delivery, using skills for planning, organization, supervision and conflict resolution; - Ability to manage a budget and manage work relations, benefiting from the support offered by the Direction of Human Resources and Administrative Services;
  • Ability to work in the context of services provided to Inuit clients;
  • Bilingual French and English, spoken and written;
  • Available to travel in other communities;
Conditions and benefits
  • Permanent position based in Puvirnituq;
  • 35 hours/week;
  • Salary according to the salary scale corresponding to class 38;
  • Northern premium:
  • Cargo premium: $115.64/week: 
  • Remoteness premium: 203.66$/week without dependent and 358.99$/week with dependent; 
  • Retention premium: 114.99$/week; 
  • 3 to 4 exits per year depending on status
  • Furnished housing provided
Additional details

To get information on the job description and requirements and to apply, please contact: recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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