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Updated on 2021 August 03

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Management position

IT department manager

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2021 August 06

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 950 employees, is part of the Québec health and social services network (Nunavik region). It provides front-line health and social services, notably for prevention, evaluation, diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation and support, for the population of the Hudson subregion of roughly 7 000 persons. Moreover, it provides services related to youth protection and assumes the administration of Ullivik, located in Dorval, for the Nunavik region. The Ullivik’s mission is to receive Inuit travelling to Montréal to receive health services in participating institutions. The Inuit population is spread among seven communities along the Hudson coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit. 
Under the supervision of the director of financial, material and information resources, the person defines and organizes the specific programs resulting from the programs of his direction. Identifies internal linkage mechanisms and evaluates service results.
Ensures the management of human, material, financial and information resources under his responsibility. Assumes responsibility for the maximum use of the Establishment's computer and office tools. Carry out acquisitions and developments in accordance with the established master plan. Provides training and development as well as functional and technical support to users in order to provide the necessary data for effective management of the establishment. 

Under the supervision of the Director of Financial, Material and Information Resources, the incumbent of this position is responsible for:
• Define the IT equipment maintenance policy
• Supervise the purchase of computer equipment and software
• Supervise the information network infrastructure and guarantee their operation and security
• Define the norms and standards of databases, tools, systems or networks
• Plan maintenance plans
• Define the quality and security procedures for information systems
• Participate in the production of operating monitoring dashboards
• Guarantee proper compliance with specifications
• Provide technical support and assistance to users
• Define all the internal communication means necessary for the implementation of new IT projects.
• Continuous improvement of internal processes
• Work with project management tools
• Ensure that budgets are respected
• Designs appropriate systems, ensures their formulation, implementation and development.
• Performs cost and savings analysis
• Coordinates and participates in the implementation of systems, technologies and applications;
• Compensates for the lack of personnel by participating in daily activities (customer services, programming and modification of work tools) if necessary
• Analysis and establishment of computer scenarios and computer schematics
• Established action plan scenarios according to technologies and included an IT technology improvement plan
• Knowledge of communication transfer technologies (bandwidth)
• Established a three-year information technology goods and services plan
• Exchange and popularization of information and information technology methods with colleagues from the establishment
• Identify and document customer needs;
• Carry out technical and commercial studies;
• Design, develop, integrate, test and implement business solution systems;
• Advise on information systems strategies, policies, management, security and service delivery;
• Systems security analysts;
• Determine and document customer needs, and assess risks related to the physical and technical security of data, software and hardware;
• Develop policies, procedures and back-up plans to minimize the effects of a breach in computer security;
• IT systems quality assurance analysts;
• Design and implement software lifecycle policies and procedures to optimize the efficiency, performance and quality of software and information systems.​;
Establish a prioritization of the Institution's projects and the working method in project management to improve the operation of the Institution and for better coordination of actions with its business partners; ​
TelephonyAssist or support new employees on their training.


Hold an undergraduate university degree in a discipline relevant to the position: at least a Bachelor's degree in computer science;
Have a minimum of three (3) years experience in IT activities;
Minimum of one (1) year in a management position or any accumulation of experience deemed equivalent;
Good English and french skills: spoken and written;
Word and Excel advanced level.

Essential skills and aptitudes

• Recognized skills in administration and management;
• Excellent sense of organization and management of priorities;
• Focused on the customer experience;
• Self-management and tolerance for ambiguity;
• Credibility and ability to exercise mobilizing and transformational leadership;
• Results oriented, willing to diagnose and solve problems collaboratively;
• Team spirit and ability to foster inclusion;
• Relational profile: close to people and accessible;
• Managerial courage;
• Operational, decision-making and organizational capacities;
• Excellent judgment;
• Sense of autonomy and initiative;
• Creative and critical thinking skills;
• Developed interpersonal skills
• Good stress management;
• Diplomacy;
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in French

Conditions and benefits

Permanent full time position based in Puvirnituq; 
Class 36 (in revision) between 1 345$ and 1 748$ per week;
35 hres/week;
Collective insurance;
Maximum of 16 weeks of leave per year;
3 to 4 annual exits depending on status;
Freight premium $ 115.64 / week;
Retention premium $ 114.99 / week;
Remoteness premium $ 191.93 / week without dependents, $ 338.29 / week with dependents;
Furnished accommodation provided;
Air transport paid by the center;

**Person currently working in the health and social services network may apply for northern leave without pay (for up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik.**

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