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Updated on 2022 June 23

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Management position


Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2022 June 30

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 950 employees, is part of the Québec health and social services network (Nunavik region). It provides front-line health and social services, notably for prevention, evaluation, diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation and support, for the population of the Hudson subregion of roughly 7 000 persons. Moreover, it provides services related to youth protection and assumes the administration of Ullivik, located in Dorval, for the Nunavik region. The Ullivik’s mission is to receive Inuit travelling to Montréal to receive health services in participating institutions. The Inuit population is spread among seven communities along the Hudson coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit. 

The responsibilities of this position include : 

  • Coordinate the application of the law on public organizations and the regulations and policy of the MSSS and the purchasing policy of the Inuulitsivik Health Centre;
  • Collaborate in compiling and auditing transactions for Treasury Board accountability, waiver and authorization of the DG;
  • Develop procurement policies and procedures for the entire institution;
  • Propose the development and implementation of process improvement strategies for the procurement cycle;
  • Ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations, from acquisition to receipt and distribution of goods and services;
  • Ensure the application of the purchasing department's programs in accordance with accounting principles, financial management laws and regulations, the institution's financial obligations as an employer, and the institution's policies and regulations;
  • Ensures the supply of sufficient quality and quantity of supplies, materials, equipment and services to the facility and the 8 points of service, in collaboration with the persons concerned;
  • Analyze purchase requisitions and establish sources of supply;
  • Studies market conditions, compares qualities and prices and makes purchases at the best value according to the needs of the establishment;
  • Leases equipment or services as required;
  • Ensure the preparation of specifications or estimates required to issue calls for tenders, analyze the bids received and participate in the awarding of contracts awarded by the Director of Finance and Contract Management;
  • Support and guide managers in the development of their needs, participate and supervise certain selection committees, launch of calls for tenders, analysis, awarding, publication of SEAO;
  • Ensure the development, application and updating of the establishment's purchasing policies;
  • Advise managers on the quality of the product or service requested and propose alternatives;
  • Contribute to the evaluation of existing products;
  • Ensure the standardization of products and services used in the organization;
  • Ensure that the processing of taxes on purchase orders complies with the various regulations;
  • Ensure the customs clearance of products ordered from abroad in accordance with the various regulations in force;
  • Collaborate with the accounting department in the processing of purchases by providing all necessary information;
  • Participate in the budgetary control and provide commitment reports to the managers;
  • Ensure the recovery and resale of goods;
  • Establish the annual quantities required for purchasing mandates;
  • Supervise and coordinate the follow-up of local agreements and / or regional negotiations / mandates and promote joint purchasing with staff and managers;
  • Create product sheets for inventoried items;
  • Ensures the receipt of goods and verifies the conformity with the purchase orders;
  • Coordinate marine supply operations;
  • Ensure the return of non-conforming merchandise and submit claims to the appropriate party, if necessary;
  • Ensure the classification, coding and rotation of goods;
  • Receive requisitions from departments for stored goods and ensure delivery;
  • Control the priorities of the verification and delivery of goods to users;
  • Ensure the quality of service of airfreight shipments;
  • Coordinate the taking of physical inventories;
  • Ensure the development, implementation and updating of methods of receiving, storage and distribution of goods as well as internal control ensuring the protection of assets;
  • Plan, coordinate, advise, supervise and analyze activities through a GRM-Logibec inventory management system, maximize its use and ensure the optimal level of inventories.
  • Ensure the optimal level of inventories by using the computerized inventory management system. Manage orders according to the point of order, minimum and maximum quantities in inventory and delivery times;
  • Coordinate activities related to the renewal of forms;
  • Coordinate and provide support to employees' activities;
  • Coordinate and support the activities of the employees; Manage and supervise all the personnel of the procurement department;
  • Provide guidance and support to Supply staff who are working from home and those who are working on site (Puvirnituq);
  • Upgrade work methods (best practices) and harmonize practices across the team;
  • Identify the human, material, financial and informational resource needs of the department;
  • Compensate for team member absences as needed;
  • Collaborate with the contract management team;
  • Any other task requested by the Director;
  • The person may be required to be on call;
  • Participate in internal and external committees.

  • Bachelor's degree in administration or other academic background relevant to this position preferred; 
  • Excellent ability to adapt;
  • Fluency in French and English;
  • Knowledge of Inuktitut is an asset;
  • Membership in the Corporation des Approvisionneurs du Québec is an asset;
  • Knowledge of Outlook, GRM Logibec, Excel intermediate (advanced is an asset), Power Point, Microsoft Office is an asset;
  • SIDMUT certification is an asset;
  • Certification for the transportation of dangerous goods by sea and air.
Experience required
  • Minimum of three (3) years experience in a management position (or equivalent experience);
  • Experience in supervising and managing groups of professionals and workers.
Conditions and benefits
  • Permanent full-time position;
  • 35 hrs/wk;
  • In accordance with the working conditions of the SSSR management staff, Class 35; between $66,608 and $86,591 per year.
  • Teleworking and 3 to 4 trips of 4 weeks to the North;
  • Stays in Nunavik are at base pay plus per diem. 
Additional details

Please send your application to the following email address: recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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