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Updated on 2021 March 02

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Management position

Head of Financial Resources

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2021 March 15

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 900 employees, is part of the health and social services network in Quebec, Nunavik region. It provides the Hudson's Bay territory of approximately 7,000 people with front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support services. In addition, he provides services related to the protection of young people and the management, for the Nunavik region, of Ullivik located in Dorval. The latter's mission is to welcome Inuit people who are to receive health services in participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed in seven communities on the Hudson Bay coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

Under the supervision of the Director of Financial and Information Resources, the person identifies and analyzes financial resource needs, prepares budget estimates, distributes allocated budget envelopes and puts in place the necessary control mechanisms to ensure compliance with the policies, procedures, regulations and directives of the institution and the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The person is also responsible for human, financial and information resources under his or her responsibility.
The person holding this position has responsibilities:
- Manage programs of accounting services in accordance with accounting principles, laws and regulations of financial management; 
- Participate in implementing, applying and updating financial resource management policies, rules and procedures; 
- Provide support and advise executives on the management and use of their financial resources; 
- Prepare the annual budget and special budgets; 
- Ensure the production of all required budget reports and the implementation of the budgetary control system;
- Ensure the production of appropriate reports on the institution's budget forecasts, financial, operational and statistical activities. He is interpreting the results, submitting its recommendations to management and forwarding the reports to the individuals concerned; 
- Lead the preparation, analysis and presentation of monthly financial results within the required timeframe (Table 1 - RR-444 - AS-471 ...); 
- Produce the annual financial report and provide external auditors with the assistance they need to carry out their mandate; 
- Ensure the operation and control of the recovery of settlement funds and verification of cash inflows and outflows; 
- Manage cash flows in accordance with established policies;
- Control and manage the inventory of assets and financial control of capital projects;
- Distribute information on the interpretation and application of the standards and practices of the Financial Management Manual; 
- Apply the provisions of the Public Trustee Act; 
- To manage a 10-person work team.


Undergraduate degree in accounting or other university training relevant to this position.
Be a member of the College of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec.
Having a postgraduate training in a discipline appropriate to the mandate (accounting, public administration) is considered an asset.
Having a certificate of further studies in the field of project management would be an asset.
Have a minimum of five (5) years of experience in a financial management position with a minimum of two (2) years in a management position;
Mastering best practices in managing financial resources.  Know the basics of performance management and cost;
Having a good knowledge of the health and social services network and the public health network is an asset; 
Master good distance management and result management practices;
Master good practices in project management and continuous improvement;
The ability to build positive long-term relationships with customers and maintain a high level of satisfaction by providing quality services or products.  Ideally experience in the health and social services network;
The ability to rally employees to meet management's objectives;
Adaptive, rigorous and flexible;
Have a desire to involve and empower Aboriginal people in the management of its service;
Good English ability: spoken and written.

Conditions and benefits

Permanent full-time based in Puvirnituq
In accordance with the managers conditions of the health and social services network classification 36 between  $70 185 and $91 241 per year
Premium cargo $115.64/week
Removal premium $191.93/week without dependent, $338.29/week with dependent;
Retention premium $114.99/week
3 to 4 outings per year depending on family status
Furnished accommodation provided
Air transport paid for by the center

Employees who are currently in the health and social services network can apply for Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) from their facility to work in Nunavik

1st and 2nd posting: Competition reserved for all network staff (public and private establishments contracted):
To all senior and middle managers of the RSSS, with priority given to the replacement senior and middle managers who meet the requirements of the position;
All executives with or outside positions;
To all employees of the network holding positions or not. 


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