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Management position


Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2022 April 30

Under the authority of the Director of Nursing and in accordance with the philosophy of the institution, the person is responsible for the development, deployment, follow-up and updating of the local public health action plan in collaboration with the managers and programs concerned.  
He/she will encourage the integration of promotion, prevention and protection actions within the Health Centre (HC) and the community in the context of a local public health network.  She will coordinate local actions in public health protection, both in infectious diseases and environmental health, in collaboration with regional public health authorities and local teams.

Her responsibilities are: 
• Collaborates with the Director in defining the clinical and organizational public health project with a view to improving the health and well-being of the population in his/her territory Ensures the implementation of the local public health program including health promotion activities, prevention and protection services and knowledge/monitoring of the health status of its population;
• Ensures the development, deployment, monitoring and updating of the local public health action plan with the collaboration of the managers concerned and the local public health team
• Collaborates with and advises on the identification of required resources, improvement targets, and effective strategies as well as the expected results in terms of accessibility, continuity and quality. This is done with the client departments offering public health services;
• Fosters the integration of promotion, prevention, protection and surveillance actions within the Health Council and the community in the context of a local public health network;
• Ensures the follow-up of measures financed by the Public Health Department of the Regional Health Authority;
• Supports the development of the communities in its territory. 
General management responsibilities:
• Defines, in collaboration with other managers and the local public health team, the appropriate indicators for the public health performance targets identified by management (e.g., SIPPE, ITSS, vaccination) recommends them to his/her superior for approval and puts in place the control mechanisms required for their application;
• Contributes to the evaluation of the quantity and quality of promotion and prevention services and care offered by the Health Centre, taking into account the analysis of needs and available resources in order to improve the services provided by the institution;
• Participates in the representation of the Health Authority and/or its management with respect to public health services, both inside and outside the institution, as required. Contributes to the preparation of agreements with other establishments or organizations involving the Health Authority and/or its management in relation to public health service agreements and ensures their application;
• Identifies internal and external information and communication channels for public health activities, recommends them to his/her superior for approval and puts in place the control mechanisms required for their application
• Contributes to the reception, participation, motivation, enhancement, maintenance of competencies and development of human resources for the public health activities of the Health Center.
• In support of the Director of Nursing, ensures the maintenance and development of the quality of the work climate in the local public health team. 
General Public Health Responsibilities:
• Provides advice and support for the planning and implementation of preventive services within the clinical programs;
• Contributes to the integration of promotion, prevention, protection and surveillance activities within the Health Centre and the community;
• Participates in the identification and analysis of the needs of the population in the territory to be served and the resources in the community;
• Promotes collaboration and consultation within the Health Authority with community institutions and organizations and other partners in the territory to be served, which are necessary for the updating of public health programs and activities in order to ensure the response to needs and the continuity of public health services.  Develops relevant links with these partners. 
Specific Public Health Responsibilities:
• Collaborates in the identification of prevention, protection and surveillance activities that should be included in the CS program-services;
• Collaborates in the implementation of intersectoral actions identified in the clinical project in order to assume the population-based responsibility of the Health Authority;
• Collaborates in the identification of resources allocated to the local public health program:
o Collaborate in the identification of improvement targets for the delivery of public health services in the CS territory;
o Collaborate in the implementation of effective public health approaches or strategies
o Collaborate with the various directorates in identifying expected results in terms of accessibility, continuity and quality of public health services, while taking into account the guidelines specified in the annual management agreements between the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and the Health Council;
• Prepares the necessary tools for the implementation of the action plans and reports on the services, programs and activities in public health of the Health Authority and assists the service providers in the production of the action plans and reports on public health activities
• Participates with the Director in the assessment of public health needs in the population:
o In collaboration with the Nunavik Public Health Directorate, ensures the creation of a population health portrait;
o Develops strategic tools for monitoring the population's health status (strategic watch).
• Participates and represents the Branch at various events that represent partnership opportunities (alliance building);
• Coordinates activities related to the local plan in collaboration with members of the local public health team and according to the regional public health action plan;
• Participates in the definition and implementation of appropriate communication mechanisms between the Regional Public Health Directorate and the local public health team;
• Coordinates the development of the clinical prevention system within the local service network (clinical preventive practices);
• Provides a watchdog role for knowledge transfer regarding best practices in prevention and health promotion, as well as the most effective strategies to facilitate the implementation of the population approach;
• Supports management in establishing collaborative links and partnerships within the local health and social services network in order to optimize promotion and prevention activities.
Other responsibilities:
• Participates in the work of various regional committees relevant to its responsibilities; 
• Collaborates in the development of a promotion-prevention training plan for managers, CS staff and partners.




  • Master’s degree or bachelor in nursing with relevant experience


Experience required
  • Five (5) years’ experience in an appropriate field including two ( 2) years in CLSC for a good knowledge of the programs / services  of this environment
  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in management or relevant experience in the field
Essential skills and aptitudes

Knowledge of work in a remote area or in aboriginal communities  is an asset

  • Member of the Quebec Order of Nurses
  • Bilingualism (French and English) spoken and written; Inuktitut is an asset.
  • Competence for partnership, organizational and interpersonal communication.
  • Strategic vision, group influence, customer focus and results oriented
  • Positive and mobilizing leadership,   initiative, autonomous, and ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to analyse and synthetize
  • Self-development capacity (introspection)
  • Availability to travelRespect  of Inuit culture and traditions.

Conditions and benefits
  • Salary classification is Class 36 between 70 185$ and 91 241$ per year;
  • Permanent full time 35hres/week;
  • Isolation premium of 9 785$ and 17 246$  yearly;
  • Cargo premium of about 10 000$ per dependant per year;
  • Retention premium between 6 000$ and 10 750$;
  • Furnished housing is provided;
  • Up to 16 weeks of leave per year.
Additional details

Please send your letter of intent and CV to: recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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