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Updated on 2022 October 03

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CLSC, Inukjuak
2022 October 15

Responsible for the general administrative operation of the village in collaboration with the managers of the various services offered by the Inuulitsivik Health Centre (IHC). Participates in the coordination and supervision of the management of human, material and information resources under his/her responsibility.

Reporting to the Technical Services Department and in collaboration with the Assistant General Manager in terms of supervision, the CLSC administrative coordinator will have to perform some or all of the following functions:


  • Manage local staff in the following positions:
  • Attendants in northern establishment;
  • Security guards (in collaboration with the security and emergency measures department);
  • Housekeeping attendants (in collaboration with the hygiene and sanitation department);
  • Drivers (in collaboration with the Transport and Accommodation department).
  • Supervise and coordinate local staff for the following tasks: prepare and manage work schedules (including staff replacement) manage work attendance (lateness and absenteeism), complete and verify time sheets, manage requests leave;
  • In connection with the human resources department, participates in the recruitment of employees and posts the jobs available at different locations in the municipality;
  • Participate in the recruitment process including job interviews when requested;
  • Welcome new employees and participate in their integration and orientation (familiarization of the premises, use of computers, completion of the time sheet, leave requests, expense claim form, etc.);
  • Participate in the resolution of problems or errors related to the payroll service, collective insurance plan or other;
  • In the event of employee sickness, support the employee and the human resources department in the process;
  • Support staff in their administrative work and participate in employee training.
  • Ensures the follow-up of transits in collaboration with the head of transport and accommodation for the visiting staff, consultants and specialists of the IHC;
  • In collaboration with the Hygiene and Sanitation Coordinator and the Facilities Services Manager, coordinate cleaning or repair work to make the accommodation experience pleasant for all IHC employees. Be aware of staff departures and arrivals and manages housing keys;
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient quantity of supplies and equipment to ensure the viability and cleanliness of transits. Order materials and supplies when necessary;
  • Ensure a link with the municipality to ensure the supply of water and the emptying of waste water for housing, transit, CLSC and rented premises.
  • Follow up on maintenance or repair requests with the concerned department;
  • Ensure the proper functioning of communication systems (telephones, radios, photocopiers) during a service failure, communicate immediately with the technical services and transmit the information to the various authorities;
  • Liaise with the Kativik Municipal Housing Office, FCNQ and other authorities for local service requests;
  • Receive and communicate internal memos;
  • Participate in meetings with the municipality in connection with the CSI facilities (For example: Fire services in collaboration with the security and emergency measures coordinator);
  • Participate in IHC meetings and committees when required;
  • Coordinate the management of purchase orders and send them to the corresponding department;
  • Support the technical services department with the coordination of the mechanical maintenance of the fleet of vehicles and ensure that the vehicles are allocated and used wisely;
  • Assist the human resources department, in the absence of the manager concerned.. The coordinator could be called upon to act as a witness for certain files that the human resources department asks him/her to participate in;
  • Support the department concerned with the logistics surrounding the shipment of an employee's personal effects, at the departure.
• Support the departments concerned in respecting the Regional User Transport Policy (including escorts) when a decision must be applied.

  • In collaboration with the General directorate, ensures a communication corridor with the administrators of the IHC board of directors.
  • Assist or support new employees on their training;  Every other duty at the request of a superior.

  • Diploma of high school or college or an equivalent certificate
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Essential bilingualism (English/French and Inuktitut an asset or Inuktitut/English and French asset);
  • Experience in personnel management, an asset.
  • Staff management skills and team spirit;
  • Integrity, respect and good capacity for autonomy;
  • Punctual and presence at work demonstrated in previous jobs;
  • Ability to assume coordination and quality control responsibilities for a range of administrative and office work;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Ability to work with computers (Microsoft Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
Conditions and benefits

According to the salary scale corresponding to the job title of CLSC Administrative Coordinator, class 36. The salary scale corresponds to that of the health and social services network and ranges from $74,481 to $96,826.
Full time permanent 

  • Position based in Iukjuak
  • Shift; Day (8:30am - 4:30pm) 
  • Cargo premium $98.09/week
  • Remoteness premium $203.66/week without dependent $358.99/week with dependent;
  • Retention premium $114.99/week
  • 3 to 4 outings per year depending on family status;
  • Furnished housing provided; 
  • Air transportation paid by the center.

Additional details

To apply, please contact recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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