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Updated on 2023 September 21

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Management position


Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 September 30

Reporting to the Director of Professional Services, you will coordinate the services and activities provided by the health center's professionals. You will be responsible for the operation of the following departments: medicine, maternity, dentistry and pharmacy. You support the Director of Professional Services in the development of telehealth.

The person:
1. Coordinates the day-to-day operation of the professional services: medicine, maternity, dentistry, pharmacy;
2. Coordinates services in each of these departments, as well as human and material resources;
3. Ensures the progress of projects, their follow-up, and the necessary resources;
4. Evaluates and monitors financial resources and their use for each department;
5. Ensures professional development by coordinating training and orientation;
6. Ensures human resources management in the above-mentioned departments: hiring, orientation, assignment of tasks, appropriate compensation and performance monitoring;
7. Works with teams towards the vision and mission of the health center and professional services;
8. Manages communications with other departments in the health center: joint activities, crisis management;
9. Responds to issues by assuming responsibility for conflict resolution and problem solving;
10. Ensures continuous improvement in the quality of care, by implementing the necessary rules and procedures;
11. Evaluates the quality of services, and proposes improvement measures to the Director of Professional Services;
12. Implements new structures and directives from the Director of Professional Services and General Management;
13. Implements development measures in line with organizational strategy. Directly supports the Director of Professional Services in strategic planning and updating;
14. Ensures objectives are met by supporting each department in the steps required to achieve them: management of additional resources, modifications and adaptations;
15. Supports the Council of Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Midwives, and its sub-committees, in achieving its objectives, primarily to maintain the cohesion of these services, and to improve the quality of care to the community.

  • Bachelor's degree and post-graduate diploma; otherwise, a combination of training and work experience deemed relevant may be considered.
  • Member of his/her professional order.
Experience required

Minimum 2 years' management experience. Northern work experience is a major asset.

Essential skills and aptitudes

Ability to manage and coordinate human, material and financial resources;
Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills;
Mobilizing leadership, crisis and conflict management skills;
Demonstrates adaptability, autonomy, rigor, initiative and innovation;
Ability to communicate well in French and English;
Available to travel on the Hudson Bay coast;
Ability to work as part of a multicultural team;
Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;

Conditions and benefits

Between $82,697 and $107,505 per year
35 hours per week
Removal premium
Retention premium
Cargo bonus
Furnished accommodation provided for employees hired more than 50km away

Additional details

Send your application to recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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