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Updated on 2023 March 23

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Social workers - OEMC (multiclientle assessment tools) / OCCI (computerized clinical pathway tool)

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 March 31

Under the authority of the person in charge of the Adult Mental Health and Persons with Loss of Autonomy program of the Community Services Department, the incumbent assumes responsibility for a range of services focused on the recovery of an adult clientele with severe mental health. This person carries out his clinical functions within the framework of intensive follow-up in the community, for services to adults with serious and persistent mental problems. Services for clients with loss of autonomy will also be offered in collaboration with the team responsible for these people. The person works in collaboration with community workers/social workers to provide day-to-day social services. Follow-up is offered in the living environment of the people followed, with the aim of increasing autonomy, The person must be comfortable with crisis intervention, suicide issues, domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse as well as mental health issues. Flexible and open-minded, the person must be willing to explore different visions and approaches to individual, family and social issues. The person must be able to adapt intervention techniques and strategies while respecting and recognizing Inuit culture and values.

In this position, the person:

  • Performs the overall assessment of the individual, in collaboration with the team, as well as the more specific OCCI / OEMC assessments or any other relevant assessment in collaboration with the other team members involved;
  • Contributes to the work environment that will aim at the autonomy of the community workers/social workers through joint interviews and home visits, case discussions, team meetings, etc;
  • Intervenes directly with clients upon their request or at the request of the Community Worker/Coordinator in difficult situations or situations of conflicts of interest;
  • Collaborates closely with the partners of the Inuulitsivik Health Centre (such as nurses, doctors, social services, Director of Youth Protection, residential mental health resources) and actively contributes to the development and maintenance of the multidisciplinary team;
  • Works closely with the community including the city council, school, religious leaders, elders, KRPF, etc;
  • Provides information and interpretations of the various laws regarding clinical aspects (e.g. Youth Protection Act, Bill 39, etc.);
  • Assumes primary responsibility for more technical aspects such as the application of government income support programs, evaluations and re-evaluations of protective supervision (Quebec Public Curator), etc;
  • Participates in the program for persons with loss of autonomy, through re-evaluations and regular attendance at the weekly multidisciplinary team meeting;
  • Liaises with other organizations in the North and South (e.g. Douglas Hospital, Isuarsivik, reintegration center, women's shelter);
  • Prepares and delivers public education and prevention activities to community workers and community wellness liaison workers;
  • Completes clinical and statistical reporting requirements on a weekly basis.
  • Organise, en collaboration avec les intervenants communautaires, les horaires de travail hebdomadaires, les astreintes, etc.

  • Undergraduate or graduate university degree in social work
  • Member of the OTSTCFQ
Experience required
  • Avoir été formé pour l'outil OEMC et/ou OCCI et avoir complété l'outil dans le cadre de son travail.
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Valid driver's license, essential bilingualism (French and English) written and spoken;
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in the Quebec health and social services network;
  • Great ability to adapt to a different environment and culture;
  • Developed sense of analysis and synthesis;
  • Ability to work under pressure, in an emergency and crisis context
Conditions and benefits

  • Based in Puvirnituq;
  • Regular full-time (35 hours/week);
  • The salary is based on the scale of a social worker as negotiated by the MSSSS between $27.08 and $47.98/hour;
  • Premium cargo $115.64/week
  • Remote allowance: Between $203.66/week without dependents, $358.99/week with dependents;
  • Retention premium $114.99/week;
  • 3 to 4 annual outings depending on family situation;
  • Up to 16 weeks vacation per year;
  • Furnished accommodation provided;
  • Airfare paid by the center;
  • Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the health centre
***The professionals of the health and social services sector can ask for a Northern leave (of up to 48 months) from their establishment in order to work in the Nunavik region***

Additional details

Those interested in applying are requested to do so in writing to this email address:  recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca 

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