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HUMAN RESSOURCES DIRECTOR 1rst and 2nd posting

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2021 November 30

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre (CSI), with more than 950 employees, is part of the health and social services network of Quebec, Nunavik region. It provides the population of the Hudson Bay Territory of approximately 7,000 people with front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support. In addition, it provides youth protection services and management for the Nunavik region of Ullivik in Dorval. Its mission is to welcome Inuit people who need to receive health services in participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed in seven communities on the Hudson Bay coast from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

Reporting to the Executive Director, you will play a coordinating, advisory and support role primarily regarding work climate, organizational development, staffing, training, workforce planning, attendance management and work relations. You will ensure that the Human Resources Department applies the Centre’s HR policies. You will contribute to the development of proactive human resources management using an approach that combines performance, rigour, equity and humanity.
You will also be primarily responsible for the proper functioning of work relations committees, the impartial management of complaints related to workplace conflicts, the employee assistance program, and the agreements’ negotiations on working conditions with the various union certifications of the IHC.

Advise and help executive personnel in the management of their human resources and in work distribution;
Coordinate and ensure that all activities related to the recruitment, selection, hiring and transfer of personnel are carried out effectively;
Participate actively in the search for new recruitment markets (websites, newspapers, etc.);
Ensure that mechanisms related to the move of personnel and temporary assignments are carried out under applicable laws and collective agreements;
Participate in updating and coordinating the new employee onboarding and integration program, including the distribution of necessary information, for example departmental policies;
Participate, with HR and payroll, in updating the leave management system (parental, sick, etc.) and ensure that these procedures comply with applicable laws and collective agreements;

Participate in the evaluation of training, improving and upgrading needs for management staff, and in the development of related programs;
Develop the human resource development plan with managers and unions;
Participate in the development and implementation of the staff performance evaluation program.

Participate in meetings with unions (work relations committees, consultations, etc.) and ensure follow-up on these meetings with management;
Negotiate working conditions agreements for IHC employees with the unions and share the ensuing results;
Distribute information related to the interpretation and application of collective agreements and other employment contracts;
Represent the employer, with lawyers, during grievance arbitration sessions or before any other administrative tribunal (TAT, CDPDJ, etc.);
Ensure the conformity of the information provided by verifying, when necessary, with available resources (AQESSS, lawyers, arbitral rulings, etc.);
Ensure compliance with the rules concerning management remuneration;
Ensure the consistent application and rigorous monitoring of policies under the department’s responsibility (overtime, regional disparities, housing, violence and harassment, etc.);

Determine, with HR, what needs to be changed in the Regional Disparities Policy;
Submit Regional Disparities Policy change requests to the Board of Directors;
Ensure that the HR team has a common and coherent vision of the Regional Disparities Policy.
Ensure that policy updates are shared with employees.

Provide team support and ensure the proper management of invalidity or unmotivated absences;
Ensure the quality of the HR team’s interventions in medical-administrative files;
Provide advice and support to managers of administrative units experiencing difficulties or having specific challenges or requests regarding managing attendance at work and sustainable return.

Coordinate EAP activities and village visits as required;
Promote the services offered by the EAP;
Refer, when necessary, requests for mediation and work conflicts to the EAP;
Ensure that the services offered by the EAP meet the clientele’s needs.

Ensure a healthy workplace for IHC employees by promoting the Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy;
Ensure that departmental heads adequately manage conflicts;
Provide coaching in collaboration with the EAP to managers who are in charge of "difficult" employees.

Authorize vacation requests according to the department’s needs;
Authorize travel requests based on exit arrangements (Regional Disparities Policy);
Follow up with HR on the people assigned under their responsibility by completing the assignment request forms;
Ensures that employees will be housed and sends the person in charge of housing the employee’s outings, to use their accommodations;
Ensure the quality of customer service offered by the departments under their responsibility;
Complete the personnel and position management requests and submit them to the responsible person to apply the changes to the register or to proceed with the postings;
Participate in conflict management involving employees under their responsibility;
Evaluate annually the employees under their responsibility;
Recommend and authorize development activities for the employees under their responsibility.
Provide and update a position description for each position under their responsibility;

Participate in organizational development files according to IHC’s management priorities;
Participate upon management request, in the revision of the mission, vision and values;
Develop an action plan based on the organization’s goals;
Set team goals and follow-up on them;
Determine the department’s needs and request position changes through management and the strategic plan;
Provides management with the information required to produce the annual report;
Participates when required in the training of new work team members;
Takes on any other task within their competence and at the request of their immediate superior.



Bachelor Degree in Industrial relations or administration
Minimum five (5) years of work in human resources; work experience in a remote area is an asset
Capacity to analyze and synthesize
Proven competence in interpersonal relations and communication skills
Leadership, motivator, skill in managing change and problem solving
Adaptability, autonomy, discipline, initiative and innovation
Bilingualism English/French (spoken and written) is essential; knowledge of Inuktitut is an asset
Available to travel by plane to the other communities of the Hudson Bay coast

Conditions and benefits

Full time position based in Puvirnituq;
Working conditions shall be those applicable to senior managers of the Health and Social Services network;
CLASS 41 between min.: 91 523$ et max: 118 980$/year;
Isolation premium of  10 014$ (without dependent) or 17 651$ (with dependent) per year;
Cargo allowance of around 10 000$ per year per dependent;
Retention premium between 6 000$ and 10 750$;
Furnished housing provided;
3 to 4 exits per year depending on the status;
Up to 16 weeks of absence per year.

1st and 2nd combined competition: "General public" open outside the health and social services network and within the same network.


Additional details

Please send your resume and a cover letter in french and english before July 11th, 2021 to;
Ms Helene Daignault

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