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ULLIVIK DIRECTOR 1st and 2nd posting

Ullivik, Montréal
2021 May 07

The Inuulitsivik Health Center, with more than 900 employees, is part of the health and social services network of Quebec, Nunavik region. Provides front-line health and social services to the population of the Hudson Bay Territory of approximately 7,000 people, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support services. Provides services related to youth protection as well as the management, for the Nunavik region, of Ullivik located in Dorval. 
Under the authority of the Executive Director of the Inuulitsivik Health Center, the person assumes the management of Ullivik. He assumes this direction in collaboration with the four (4) managers, including  his assistant director in charge of health/liaison program, head of transportation and lodging, head of administrative services and a human resources advisor.

"Ullivik's mission is to offer appointment scheduling services as well as accommodation, transportation, interpretation and social support services to Nunavik residents during their medical consultations and hospitalizations in the McGill University Integrated Health Network (RUIS). Ullivik offers a comfortable and safe environment. »

In accordance with the mission and in collaboration with her team, the Director ensures a smooth operation and management of all of Ullivik's daily activities, responsibilities such as the following;
• Ensure the quality of services rendered to the clientele;
• Actively participate in the regional management committee for out-of-region services;
• Participate jointly with the IHC management team in the definition and development of the orientations and priorities in terms of human, financial, technical and informational resources;
• Identify the actions and resources needed by its management to update the mission, vision, values, directions, priorities and organizational strategies;
• Apply the Regional User Transportation Policy for the Nunavik Region;
• Manage the operations according to the Insured and Non-Insured Health Benefits (I/NIHB) Program;
• Lead the management committee;
• Lead the committee on escorts/non-eligible patients;
• Coordinate action plans for each of the managers;
• Write the different policies and procedures of Ullivik;
• Analyse information from the different services and drafting a part of the annual report for the IHC Executive Management;
• Participate in the follow-up of client complaints in collaboration with the office of the Quality & Complaints Commissioner and implement corrective measures as needed;
• Participate in meetings or committees with the various partners in the health and social services network in order to optimize the links between institutions in the South, stakeholders in the North and the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services;
• Sign service/partnership agreements according to the rules and in Coordination with the Finance Department.

• Plan and review the budget;
• Analyze and control the operating budget of Ullivik's business sectors;
• Respect the budget allocations for its management and applying the control mechanisms submitted  by Inuulitsivik;
• Determine and analyze the statistics required for the operation of his department and the identification of improvements to be made;
• Coordinate the renewal of the various service contracts according to the rules and in coordination with    the Finance Department; 
• Authorize the acquisition of equipment, furniture and supplies necessary for its management and ensure that they are maintained or renewed according to the rules and in coordination with the Finance Department. 

• In collaboration with his team, determine human resources needs. Participate in the development of programs for the retention, attraction and renewal of the workforce, skills development and evaluation of the contribution in effect at Inuulitsivik.
• Insure the implementation of the program for assessing the contribution of the institution's human resources, adapting it to the specific needs of its management and carrying out the assessment of the staff directly under its responsibility.



• Bachelor's degree in administration or relevant experience; 
• Knowledge of English and French. Fluent knowledge of Inuktitut;
• A minimum of 5 years experience in Government Institutions such as Health and social services network Education, Municipality, etc...;   
• Knowledge of the main computer systems used in the network (e.g. Logibec);

• Knowledge of Inuit culture is considered as important ;
• The person must be recognized for his or her leadership, sense of ethics and equity, and exceptional capacity as a communicator and facilitator.


Conditions and benefits

• CLASS 41 between Min: $91,523/year and Max: $118,980/year;
• Full time position based in Dorval;
• The applicable working conditions are those of senior executives in the health and social services sector.
Candidates benefiting from the James Bay and Northern Quebec Convention will have priority 

Note:  In this document, the masculine gender is used as a neutral gender for the sole purpose of enlightening the text.

1st and 2nd combined competition: "General public" open outside the health and social services network and within the same network.

Additional details

Interested parties are asked to send a letter of intent and resume in French and English to the email address listed below, specifying the title of the item. Applications must be received by May 7th, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. 

Ms Johanne Bernier, HRD
Inuulitsivik Health Center

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