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Permanent position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Educator or Educator RTF (classe 02)- KUUJJUARAAPIK 1000-357

CLSC, Kuujjuarapik
2019 August 26

Local hiring reserved for Inuit or beneficiary person

Specialized Group Home 6-12 years old - Kuujjuaraapik
Rotation shift: Day/Evening
STATUS: permanent full-time position (38.75 hours/week)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Rehabilitation Head of programs

STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

FUNCTIONS: Participates directly to the education and rehabilitation of the users in institutional Centre in accordance with intervention programs established in collaboration with the existing professional team, with the view of the rehabilitation or reinsertion of the users in the society. Implements educational techniques by using daily living activities and by organising, co-ordinating and leading scheduled in the program of the service, in order to ensure the users' learning and acquiring suitable attitudes and behaviour. Observes and analyses the users’ behaviour, participates in the evaluation of their needs and abilities and keeps progress notes and produces appropriate reports. Provides the schedule of its activities.

BRIEF TASK DESCRIPTION: He helps to develop ways to ensure continuity of care for children and reduce the risk of displacement of children. He works in partnership with those involved to facilitate the integration of children in foster care and implement means to mitigate the impact of changing environment. He works in conjunction with partners in order to allow a coherent and effective treatment, integrated and continuously, to the needs of the clientele.

SCHOLARSHIP: Must have diploma equivalent to (14) fourteen school years or to have completed at least 50% of the courses at CEGEP in a core concentration in specialised educational techniques or institutional rehabilitation from a school recognised by the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Science. However, a pertinent work experience of three (3) years as Educator class 3 could compensate for the lack of diploma.


Concerns for the well-being of users

Fluent in Inuktitut and/or be a person of Inuit ancestry

Knowledge of English, spoken and written; knowledge of French would be an asset

Seen as a positive role model

Be sensitive, understanding and emotionally mature and display a positive attitude

Be knowledgeable in Inuit customs, belief and traditions

Available to work day, evening and week-end shifts

Willing to participate to any training considered as being necessary, and offered from the employer or a training institution for a more efficient discharge of his/her duties

Conditions and benefits

SALARY: Class 02: Min. $ 866.06 Max. $ 1 302.39 for 38.75 hours
ISOLATION PREMIUM: 191.93$ or 338.29$ / week – As per the family status
HIGH COST OF LIVING PREM.: 59.14$ / week or more - As per the family statu

Additional details

Please send your application, mentioning the job posting number by email: emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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