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Updated on 2023 December 05

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Éducateur Salluit ( 1000-245 )

Rehabilitation Centrer, Salluit
2023 December 03

Sapummivik Rehabilitation Centre in Salluit
STATUS: 3 Temporary full time positions (38.75 hours/week)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Rehabilitation Centre Coordinator
STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

Works directly to ensure the education and rehabilitation of youth clients placed in rehabilitation Center under YPA or YCJA. In accordance with intervention programs established in collaboration with the existing professional team, with the view of the rehabilitation or reintegration of the clients in the society.  Implements educational techniques by using daily living activities and by organising, co-ordinating, animating and leading a scheduled program in order to ensure the client learning and acquiring suitable attitudes and behaviours. Observes and analyses the client’s behaviour, participates in the evaluation of their needs and abilities, and keeps progress notes and produces appropriate reports.

Collaborates with social workers in the development of intervention plans based on the youth needs and the legal mandate entrusted. The goal is to end the compromise situation and avoid multiple placements. As a last resort and in an imminent danger, the educator may have to intervene physically with the clientele.


Class 1 :Possess a CÉGEP diploma with a core concentration in specialised educational techniques or institutional rehabilitation or a technique in delinquency intervention from a school recognised by the or a delinquency intervention technique from a school recognized by the competent Ministry;

Class 2 : Possess a fourteen (14) year general education diploma recognized by the competent Ministry or an a brevet Executive Educator certificate recognized by the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux of Health and by the competent Ministry, and/or have completed fifty percent (50%) of the general course of study leading to the official diploma in Institutional Rehabilitation or Special Education (CEGEP course);

We also accept a bachelor's degree in psycho-education, psychology, criminology or social work.

Fluent in English and French, spoken and written. Inuktitut would be an asset;

Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience;

Good capacity to adapt to a new cultural environment;

Be sensitive, understanding and emotionally mature and display a positive attitude;

Available to work day, evening and week-end shifts;

Willing to participate to any training considered as being necessary, and offered from the employer or a training institution for a more efficient discharge of his/her duties;

Share knowledge and abilities, work in collaboration;

Conditions and benefits

Class 1:       Min: $960.23 /hour    Max : $1382.21 for 38.75 hrs
Class 2:       Min$928.83    Max : $1382.21 for 38.75 hrs
ISOLATION PREMIUM:  240.25$ or 423.53$ / week – As per the family status
HIGH COST OF LIVING PREM.:176.49$ / week or more - As per the family status

Any person recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she is called upon to perform her duties, will be granted annual trips, cargo allowance and other northern benefits.

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