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Updated on 2021 September 24

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Specialized Educator – Crisis Youth-Family-Childhood program (CAFE) 2 positions

Social Services, Hudson Bay
2021 September 30

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 900 employees, is part of the Québec health and social services network (Nunavik region). It provides front-line health and social services, notably for prevention, evaluation, diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation and support, for the population of the Hudson subregion of roughly 7 000 persons. Moreover, it provides services related to youth protection and assumes the administration of Ullivik, located in Dorval, for the Nunavik region. The Ullivik’s mission is to receive Inuit travelling to Montréal to receive health services in participating institutions. The Inuit population is spread among seven communities along the Hudson coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.
Under the authority of the Director of Community Services and supervised by the Coordinator of CLSC Social Services, the Educator in the CAFE Program works in collaboration with the local Community Worker(s)-Social Aid(s) provide timely, intensive, short term crisis intervention to children and youth and their parents in their natural environment.
Objectives are to de-escalate family crises, avoid breakdown of the family structure, to use crises to create change, maintain the young person is his/her natural environment, identify the needs of the young person, and accompany his/her toward available resources.
The Educator is comfortable in crisis situations and has an understanding of parent-child relations, family violence, substance abuse, violent behaviour and school problems.
Under the supervision of the Coordinator of CLSC Social Services, the Educator will:
• Provide rapid response interventions in crisis situation involving children of 5-17 years of age and their families where the crisis is within the family.
• Intervene in the natural environment of the child and parents.
• Intervene when there is a risk of breakdown in family relationships or suicide.
• Intervene with families who wish to receive immediate help and who are not benefitting from an active family follow up.
• Assure intensive follow up as needed, up to five (5) days per week.
• Continue to offer services for a long as necessary to resolve the presenting crisis. It is understood that normally the interventions are of short term duration (average 9 weeks).
• Receive referrals from CLSC (Social Services or Nursing) and Youth Protection.
• Provide referrals for follow up to the appropriate service as needed (Child, Youth and Family in CLSC Social Services, treatment centers, including signaling to Youth Protection services if required.
• Assist in the orientation of new employees.
• Assist in other communities as needed in times of crisis.
• Perform any other tasks or functions as requested by the Coordinator. 



• Diploma of college studies with specialization in special care counselling or institutional rehabilitation;​
• Minimum of two years experience in the Québec Health and Social Services network;
• Experience with families and children is essential;
• Experience in the CAFE program is an asset;
• Experience in school-based services is an asset;
• Flexibility and open-mindedness;
• Willingness to discover different visions of, and approaches to, individual, family, and social problems;  
• Adaptability particularly as related to intervention techniques and strategies;
• Acknowledgement of, and respect for, Inuit culture and values.

Conditions and benefits

Permanent full time positions based in Salluit and Puvirnituq;
Hourly rate according to agreement; between $23.12 and $33.61;
Day shift, 35hrs/week;

Removal premium of $226.39/week without dependant and $399.10/week with dependent;
Cargo premium of $146.29/week;
Retention premium of $134.15/week;

Removal premium of $191.93/week without dependant and $338.29/week with dependent;
Cargo premium of $115.64/week;
Retention premium of $114.99/week;

Furnished accommodation provided;
16 weeks of leave annually;
3 or 4 annual outings depending on status;
Group insurance;
Moving expenses paid by the employer;
Storage costs, if any, paid by the employer.

** Professionals who are currently part of the health and social services network can request northern unpaid leave (up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik **


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