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Permanent position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Specialized educator - Family, child & youth

Social Services, Hudson Bay
2023 September 30

Under the authority of the Direction of Community Services and supervised by the Youth program manager of Social Services, the Educator in the Child, Youth, and Family (Intervention) position works in collaboration with the local Community Worker(s)-Social
Aid(s) to deliver day-to-day generic social services but carries specific responsibilities for
providing services to families with young children and adolescents in which child and parental difficulties are the target for intervention. School services are of primary
The person is comfortable with crisis intervention and problems of suicide, family violence,
sexual abuse, and addiction as well as mental health problems.

Under the supervision of the Coordinator of CLSC Social Services, the SW will:
1. Carry primary responsibilities for services to families with children and adolescents
(6-18 yrs) in which child and parental difficulties are the target for intervention.
2. Intervene within the family environment to offer support to parents and children in
order to maintain a proper living environment.
3. Co-intervention in the family with internal CSI partners such as CW, addiction workers, DYP in order to actualize an intervention plan.
4. Receive collaborative requests from the DYP to work on parental skills or personal difficulties to voluntary clients followed by DYP.
5. Offer psychosocial (therapeutic) individual or group services to children and youth.
6. Contribute to a working environment which will target the enhanced autonomy of the CWs-SAs through joint interviews and home visits, case discussions, team
meetings, etc.
7. Work in collaboration with a wide variety of partners within the CSI and in the community including school, DYP, etc to elaborate a PSI.
8. Organize, in collaboration with the Community Worker(s), weekly work schedules, on call duties, etc.
9. Provide information and interpretation of different laws touching the clinical setting
(e. g., Youth Protection Act, Law 39, etc.).
10. Intervene directly with clients at the request of the client him/herself, Community Worker, or the Coordinator, in difficult situations or in those in which there is a conflict of interest.
11. Assure the smooth functioning of the CLSC Social Services office in collaboration with the Community Worker(s) (e. g., ordering supplies, arranging for repairs to office equipment, etc.).
12. Fulfill the requirements for clinical recording and weekly statistical reports;
13. Liaise with other organizations in the North and the South (e. g., Group Home, Uluriak, women’s shelters, etc.).
14. Perform any other tasks or functions as requested by the Coordinator.

  •  Cegep degree in special care counselling
     Minimum of two years experience in the Québec
    Health and Social Services network
     Experience with families and children is essential.
     Knowledge of the Youth Protection Act is an asset.
     Experience in school-based services is an asset.
     Bilingual (French and English)
     Flexibility and open-mindedness.
     Willingness to discover different visions of, and
    approaches to, individual, family, and social
     Adaptability particularly as related to intervention
    techniques and strategies.
     Acknowledgement of, and respect for, Inuit culture
    and values.
    Valid driver's license

Conditions and benefits
  • Permanent full-time (35 hours/week);
    Positions according to village, 1 in Salluit, 1 in Inukjuak, possibility of others;
    Hourly rate between $24.78 /hr. and $35.67/hr;
    CARGO bonuses according to village, maximum of $146.29/week;
    Remoteness premium of $240.25/week without dependent and $423.53/week with dependent;
    Retention bonus according to village: $134.15/week;
    Furnished accommodation provided;
    Plane tickets paid by the center;
    Storage and moving costs reimbursed;
    Up to 16 weeks of leave per year.
    ​***Professionals who are currently in the health and social services network can request a Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) from their institution to work in Nunavik***
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Please submit your application by email with your resume to recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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