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Updated on 2021 March 02

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Management position


Ullivik, Montréal
2021 February 28


Under the authority of the director, the person ensures the organization, the attribution and the quality of the accommodation and transportation services of clients coming to Montreal to receive health care. The person provides innovative leadership to promote excellence in services. She manages with the constant concern to implement good practices and works closely with its partners. The individual exercises leadership in a context of transformation and improvement continue and participate in the administration, operation and development of the institution according to departmental directions and the achievement of expected results.


 Tasks and responsibilities:

-          Plan, run, organize, coordinate and control all activities related to accommodation and transportation of clients;

-          Plan and establish development goals and projects in the short to medium term;

-          Ensure the safety and well-being of customers;

-          Participate in budget development and implementation and maintain fiscal balance;

-          Continuous monitoring of budget performance to make the necessary corrections and take action as soon as possible;

-          Prepare and submit reports required by management for monitoring and monitoring;-        

-           Identify and implement activities to maintain and continuously improve the quality of services while aiming to meet the allocated budget;

-          Work closely with the different teams and ensure the mobilization of the team in place;

-          Actively participate in managers' meetings to facilitate communication and information sharing on ongoing projects.

Specific features – Accommodation

-          Participate in coordinating customer arrivals and departures;

-          Manage the hosting team and foster the customer experience;

-          Provide quality customer service, including a safe housing environment, and good hygiene and safety practices;

-          Manage requests for technical and material services related to accommodation;

-          At the request of the Complaints commissioner, investigate and transmit any information.

Specific functions - Logistics/Transport

-          Ensure the implementation of the Regional Transport Policy;

-          Ensure the facility is compliant with the Transportation component. For example, the individual will be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date record of insurance and registrations related to the heavy vehicle fleet and ensuring that driver's and vehicle records are complete in accord with the requirements of the Heavy Vehicle Owners Act;

-          Manage fleet planning and maintenance in accord with current standards and laws (PEVL, SAAQ, preventative maintenance and sticker);

-          Coordinating the transportation of clients to their medical appointments during their stay in Montreal;

-          Book airfares for customers to return to their communities;

-          Manage a team of drivers and ensure good driving practices.


Experience required

-          Bachelor degree in administration, management or any other discipline suitable for accommodation

-          Five-year management experience

Essential skills and aptitudes

-          Essential bilingualism (French and English) both oral and written. Inuktitut considered an asset.

-          Mobilizing leadership skills.

-          Great multitasking and stress management ability.

-          Interpersonal collaboration and communication skills.

-          Respect for Inuit culture and traditions.

-          Great ability to manage change as well as emergencies (sense of prioritization) as well as crisis management.

-          Great ability to analyze and solve problems.

-          Ability to work in a computerized environment; microsoft Office 365 software knowledge

-          Excellent organizational acuteness and priority management;

-          Focused on the customer experience;

-          Credibility and ability to exercise mobilizing and transformational leadership;

-          Team spirit and ability to foster inclusion;

-          Excellent communication skills written and oral in French.

Conditions and benefits

According to the pay scale at Class 37 health and social services staff. ($73,955 - $96,141)

Additional details

The contest will end on February 28 2021 at 4:00

For more information or to apply : Marie-Pierre Bergeron

Phone : 514.932.9047

Fax : 514.789.2622E-mail : marie-pierre.bergeron.mnq@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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