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Updated on 2021 May 14

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Permanent position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized

Nurse Assistant to Head Nurse 1000-044

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, Kuujjuaq
2021 May 17

Department of the Hospital
STATUS:  Permanent full-time position (Day shift)
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Head Nurse of the Department
STARTING DATE:   As soon as possible


Person who, in addition to duties of assistant to the immediate superior, elaborates and insures the implantation, evaluate and revise clinical tools and evaluate the quality of care.  Must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or 3 admissible certificates with at least two recognized in nursing and must be a member of the O.I.I.Q.

Duties of the assistant nurse who assists the head nurse (2489).  Nurse who assists his/her immediate supervisor in his/her functions.  This person plans, supervises, and coordinates activities for the department during his work shift.  He/she acts as a resource person with colleagues concerning the planning, distribution and evaluation of the nursing care.

She/he collaborates in the conception, implantation, evaluation and the revision of the programming of a service and clinical tools and evaluates the quality of care given at the department.  She/he collaborates with orientation, identifies training needs and evaluates personnel performance.  When required, practices all usual duties of a nurse.  Furthermore, this person replaces the immediate superior during regular absences in the service (weekly holidays, statutory holidays, holidays and all other absences not exceeding one month.)

This position is accessible to all individuals with a BAC or a DEC as long as the candidates obtain a note of 60/85 in the evaluation grill that will be completed during the interview.


Member of the O.I.I.Q.

Responsible and sense of organization;

Positive leadership;

Advanced communication skills

Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team and developing good interpersonal relationship;

One (1) year of experience in an Emergency Department and in obstetrics is an asset;

Bilingualism is essential, Inuktitut is an asset;

(1) year experience as a nurse at the Hospital of Kuujjuaq is an asset.

Conditions and benefits

SALARY: Min : 932.63$          Max : 1614.75$ / 37.50 heures
ISOLATION PREMIUM:  $191.93 / week or more according to family status
HIGH COST OF LIV.PREM.:  $59.14 / week or more according to family status
RETENTION PREMIUM:   $269.23 / week

Any person recruited in Quebec more than 50 kilometers from the locality in which she is called upon to perform her duties, will be granted annual trips and lodging unit as per her status, transit or shared lodging if necessary.

*All candidates will be given a test and be interviewed

Additional details

Please send your application by email : emploi.cstu@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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