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Assistant Head Nurse of Sailivik

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2021 October 18

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 900 employees, is part of the Québec health and social services network (Nunavik region). It provides front-line health and social services, notably for prevention, evaluation, diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation and support, for the population of the Hudson subregion of roughly 7 000 persons. Moreover, it provides services related to youth protection and assumes the administration of Ullivik, located in Dorval, for the Nunavik region. The Ullivik’s mission is to receive Inuit travelling to Montréal to receive health services in participating institutions. The Inuit population is spread among seven communities along the Hudson coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit. 
Under the authority of the Head of Unit, Specialized Services, URDM and RPA Sailivik, the Assistant-Nurse-In-Chief is responsible for the planning, supervision and coordination of RPA activities in accordance with the policies and procedures in place at the facility. Performing the duties of RPA (Sailivik) nursing. (Refer to the RPA nurse's job description).
Supervise, coordinate work and act as a resource person for staff working in the RPA (doctors, nurses, practical nurses, interpreters, beneficiaries' attendants, northern facility attendants, etc.). 
Organize, plan, assist and support nurses, practical nurses, PAB and PEN in all the tasks required and in problematic situations taking into account the resources of the environment according to the condition of the user and according to the specific health problems presented.
Ensure the quality of the services provided by the RPP and take all necessary measures to maintain and/or correct as necessary in collaboration with its head of department.Ensure the professionalism of staff working at the RPA, their assiduity to the tasks and the good order of the RPA in the absence of the head of department.
Collaborate in quality assessment programs (audits, accreditation) and risk management (AH-223 reports).
Ensure that narcotics are counted with each shift change.
Participate with its head of department in the evaluation of staff performance. 
Receive, integrate, guide and evaluate new and replacement staff in partnership with their department head and according to the values and mission conveyed by the ISC. 
Participate in the updating of training and orientation programs.
Ensure good staff management by keeping work schedules up-to-date, ensuring replacements as required, dividing tasks among employees according to workloads, supervising time management in the various activities of the RPP, and notifying supervisors if additional staff requirements are to be expected.
Track the general PEN timesheet and encourage all employees to complete their electronic timesheets.
Supervise the time allocated for meals and rest periods for employees of its department (nurses, practical nurses, caretakers, northern ward attendants, interpreters, etc.). Perhaps called upon to supervise the work of staff in other departments when working in his department (housekeeping, security, cooking, etc.).
Participate in updating protocols and procedures.14) In collaboration with the head of the department, participate in the weekly ordering of equipment and the tracking of out-of-stock items, ensure the rotation of the equipment and remove the obsolete material. Make sure the equipment is replaced if necessary.
Ensure adequate destruction of bio-risk material.
Ensure that all equipment in its service, including biomedical equipment and premises, is maintained and in good condition. Follow up with technical services and/or biomedical engineering technician as required.
Immediately report by a query octopus any technical, biomedical or computer problemsDevelop knowledge of the equipment used within its service and understand how it works. Collaborate in testing and evaluating new equipment if necessary. 
Participate in the clinical evaluation of products and equipment.
Manage inventories of medical equipment, care, pharmaceuticals, etc., according to the needs of the facility. 
Communicate to his immediate superior the relevant information for the proper functioning of his service (various requests, dissatisfactions, etc.). Notify the head of the department of any issues related to the quality of care and the working environment and participate in the resolution of problems if necessary.
Represent the interests of his service to his immediate superior and advise him at his request.
Actively participate, support implementation and motivate team members to cope with changes in service.
Direct user complaints to the Complaints Commissioner.
Direct employee complaints to the relevant immediate supervisor and/or to human resources.
Take an overview of the ISC, the roles played by the various departments and members of the multidisciplinary team and have an in-depth knowledge of the clinical role of its service within the ISC. 
Ensure that relationships between team members, employees and various departments (PLA, UDS, CLSC, laboratory, pharmacy, archives, etc.) are respectful, in line with the institution's policies.​Participate and collaborate with its department head at service meetings when required.
Supervise and participate as necessary in the various clerical tasks and ensure that they are completed.
Perform any other related work requested by his immediate superior.


Bachelor of Nursing or a Bachelor's degree with three certificates including at least two recognized certificates in care Nurses;
Training in chronic disease care, palliative care, geriatrics considered an asset;
Member in good standing of the OIIQ;
Class 5 driver's license if used by a IHC vehicule.
Minimum of five (5) years as a long-term nurse;
Two (2) years in the northern environment an asset;
Management experience an asset;
Bilingual, oral and written French and English;
Inuktitut an asset;
Ability to work as part of a multicultural work team;
Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
Positive leadership;
Open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability, sense of responsibility;
Global and inclusive vision;
Strong clinical judgment;
Easy for interpersonal relationships.


Conditions and benefits

Temporary full-time based in Puvirnituq;
Rotation day/night, 37.50hres/week;
Hourly rate between $26.43/hre and $49.82/h;
Removal premium of $191.93/week without dependent and $338.29/week with dependent;
$115.64/week freight premium;
Retention premium of $287.47/week;
Furnished accommodation provided;
3 or 4 annual outings depending on status;
8-9 weeks in the North followed by 4 weeks off in the South.

Workers currently in the health and social services system can apply for Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik


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