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Clinical nurse - Community health

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 March 31

The Inuulitsivik Health Center, which has more than 900 employees, is part of the Quebec network of health and social services in the Nunavik region. It provides front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support, to the population of approximately 7,000 people in the Hudson sub-region. In addition, it offers services related to youth protection as well as management, on behalf of the Nunavik region, of Ullivik, located in Dorval. The Ullivik's mission is to welcome Inuit traveling south to receive health services from participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed among the seven communities along the coast of Hudson Bay. 

The clinical nurse in community health, intervenes with communities, families and individuals and contributes to the health of the population in general by playing a key role in health promotion by delivering the community health programs designated by the Inuulitsivik health Centre in partnership with the Regional Board of Health and Social Services of Nunavik and Public Health.

The nurse encourages the adoption of behaviors that contribute to the overall health of the population through her community interventions. She/he helps communities, families and individuals take responsibility for establishing, maintaining and / or improving their health by increasing their knowledge or control over the determinants of health (and their capacity to influence them).

She works in close collaboration with various community and hospital partners and stakeholders and initiates, participates and collaborates in the evaluation of health promotion activities in various community settings.
In accordance with the standards of practice for community health nurses and under the supervision of the Director of Nursing (DSI) and the leadership of the community health nurse advisor, the nurse exercises some or all of the following functions:

Health promotion
1. Encourages the community, families and individuals to strengthen their skills so that they learn to take into account their social responsibilities in their choices and thus create a healthier and healthier future for all. It carries out awareness-raising and education activities in community environments, such as schools, community halls, shops, etc.
2. Maintains close collaboration with various community organizations and colleagues from other sectors in overseeing processes aimed at improving overall health. 
3. Supports changes aimed at modifying the physical and social environments that contribute to risk.

1. Uses strategies to reduce risk factors that contribute to the development of chronic disease.
2. Helps individuals and families adopt health habits that reduce the likelihood of illness, injury or disability.
3. According to the directives of the Nursing Department and of Public Health contributes to the reduction of the risks of outbreak of an infectious disease by participating in the rapid detection, investigations, tracing of contacts, preventive measures and activities aimed at promote safe behavior.
4. Applies the principles of epidemiology and knowledge of disease progression to manage and control communicable diseases using community infection prevention and control techniques, behavior change counseling , outbreak management, surveillance, immunization, episodic care, health education and case management.
5. Uses appropriate technology for tracking and reporting.

Health protection
1. Acts in partnership with colleagues in public health, the Ministry and various organizations in the control of infectious diseases and the reporting of potential health problems at the community level.
2. Takes the initiative in reporting potential problems and works with individuals, families and the community to create or maintain safe living, working and recreational environments.

Health surveillance
1. Is aware of data and trends in health surveillance; applies this knowledge in his daily work
2. Perform immunization follow-up according to immunization programs (Quebec Immunization Protocol) - PIQ



Hold a bachelor's degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree with three (3) eligible certificates, including at least two (2) recognized certificates in nursing;
Basic training on vaccination given online by Laval University
Training on tuberculosis

Experience required

Knowledge of PIQ
• Minimum experience of one (1) year in community health in Northern Region ;
• Member in good standing of the Ordre des infirmiers et infirmières du Québec;
• Bilingualism essential (French and English) both oral and written; Inuktitut is considered an asset;
• Ability to work in a multicultural work team;
• Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
• Marked ease for positive interpersonal relationships and excellent mobilizing communication skills;

Expected on-the-job training:
• Update of nursing knowledge in the prevention and control of nosocomial infections as well as any other training related to Nordic specificities.

Conditions and benefits

Permanent full time based in Puvirnituq
Hourly rate 27.08$/hour and 47.98/hour;
Day shift, 7.50 hours;
Collective insurance;
Maximum of 16 weeks of leave per year;
3 to 4 annual outings depending on status;
Freight premium $ 115.64 / week;
Retention premium $ 114.99 / week;
Remoteness premium $ 203.66/week without dependents, $ 358.99/week with dependents;
Furnished accommodation provided;
Air transport paid by the center;
Start date: as soon as possible.

** Professionals who are currently part of the health and social services network can request northern unpaid leave (up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik **

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