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NURSE in DISPENSARY - Kuujjuarapik

CLSC, Kuujjuarapik
2022 May 25

The primary mission of the clinic nurse is to provide health services that meet the needs of the population with a community-based and holistic approach to health. These services must be accessible at all times and offered to all members of the community in the territory served.

A person who, in an outpost or clinic in a community covered by the regional jurisdiction provisions, in addition to his or her nursing duties, conducts assessments of users to enable the physician to make a diagnosis and determine the appropriate interventions. She is also called upon to perform activities and interventions generally reserved for physicians in other workplaces.


• Member in good standing of the OIIQ
- Expanded role training
- ULaval vaccination training
- CPR-AED less than 6 months
- Advanced training in the evaluation of physical and mental condition (within the framework of Bill 90) for nurse technicians.

Experience required
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in care
  • Diverse experience considered on an assessment basis
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Bilingual, oral and written French and English;
    - Inuktitut an asset;
    - Ability to work in a multicultural work team;
    - Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
    - Positive leadership;
    - Open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability;
    - Global and inclusive vision;
    - Good clinical judgment;
    - Good interpersonal skills
    - Mastery of the PIQ
    - 20 mandatory annual hours, including 7 hours accredited according to OIIQ standards;
    - At least 1 annual training relevant to the field of practice according to the schedule provided by the nurse educator;
    - Any other training for professional development purposes relevant to the field of practice.
Conditions and benefits

  • Hourly rate according to the collective agreement
  • Rotation + On-call
  • 7.25 hours per day (36.25 hours per week)
  • Cargo premium $146.29/week
  • Removal Premium $203.66/week without dependents, $358.99/week with dependents
  • Retention premium $325.80/week
  • CLSC premium $186.00/week
  • 3 to 4 annual outings depending on family situation
  • Furnished housing provided
  • Air transportation paid by the center

***Professionals who are currently in the health and social services network can request an unpaid northern leave (up to 48 months) from their institution to work in Nunavik***.

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