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Updated on 2020 November 27

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CLSC, Salluit
2020 December 11

The primary mission of the nurse in a clinic is to provide health services that meet the needs of the population with a holistic and community-based approach to health.  These services must be accessible at all times and available to all members of the community in the territory served.

A person who, in an outpost or dispensary in a locality covered by the regional disparities provisions, in addition to his or her nursing duties, makes user assessments that allow the physician to remotely diagnose and determine appropriate interventions.  In addition, it is called upon to perform activities and interventions that are usually reserved for physicians in other workplaces.



Member in good standing of the OIIQ
Extended role training
ULaval Vaccination Training
CPR-DEA less than 6 months
Additional training for fitness and mental fitness assessment (as part of Act 90) for nurse technicians.
Minimum 3-year experience in care
Diverse experience on an evaluation basis
Bilingual, oral and written French and English;
Inuktitut an asset;
Ability to work as part of a multicultural work team;
Respect for Inuit culture and traditions;
Positive leadership
Open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability;
A comprehensive and inclusive vision;
Solid clinical judgment;
Easy for interpersonal relationships
Mastery of the PIQ
20 hours per year required, including 7 hours accredited according to OIIQ standards;
Minimum 1 annual training relevant to the field of practice according to the schedule provided by the nurse trainer;
Any other training for professional development purposes relevant to the field of practice.

Conditions and benefits

Hourly rate according to the collective agreement
Rotation + On call 
7.25 hours per day (36.25 hours per week) 
Premium cargo $146.29/week
Removal premium $226.39/week without dependent, $399.10/week with dependent;
Retention premium $325.80/week
ClSC Prime $186.00/week
3 to 4 outings per year depending on family status
Furnished accommodation provided 
Air transport paid for by the centre

Professionals currently in the health and social services network can apply for Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) from their institution to work in Nunavik. 


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