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Updated on 2022 October 03

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Family Doctors, Specialists and Internships in Nunavik

Clinics, Nunavik
2022 December 31

You wish to work in Nunavik as a:

  • General Practitioners:
    6 positions are available in the 2023 PREM (regional medical staffing plan). If you are interested in coming to practice in Nunavik, we are always looking for doctors (including locums). For those who are interested in extending their practice to Public Health, there are also many openings.

  • Medical Specialists:
    1 pediatrist, 1 pedopsychiatrist and 1 internal medecine positions are open. You can also apply to our bank of candidacy to come for one or many residencies.

  • Interns:
    Doing an internship in Nunavik represents a golden opportunity to discover the practice in Nunavik in a friendly atmosphere!

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