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Updated on 2021 December 08

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3505 - Northern Beneficiary Attendant (Interpreter)

Ullivik, Montréal
2021 December 07

We are recruiting interpreters to provide translation services between the Inuit clients and staff in the Montréal hospitals. And also looking for a beneficiary attendant to provide translation services between the Inuit clients and the staff in our lodging.


We are looking for talented colleagues who have at heart to offer our clients good quality services. Mainly, the interpreter assist patients at their medical appointments translate between clients and medicals employees and / or nurses and help the clients in their registration in different establishments.

1. Accompany patients to their clinics, interpret the dialogue between Doctor/Nurse and patient and/or escort.

2.  Visit hospitalized patients, and interpret between the patient and the Doctor/Nurse

3.  Visit the patients in our lodging installation, give social support and guidance.

4. Identify concerns of the patient and convey these concerns to the appropriate authority.


Experience required


  1. Oral Inuktitut and English skills
  2. Experience of translation
  3. Ability to work in a multidisciplinary group

Conditions and benefits

Working conditions

  1. 35 hours by week
  2. Between $ 20.76 – $ 23.22 per hour
  3. Premiums
  4. Pension fund
  5. Collective insurance group
  6. 4 weeks of vacation

Additional details

Interested candidates should send their resume no later than
December 7th, 2021

Human resources manager
695, avenue Orly
Dorval  H4P 1G1
FAX : 514-789.2622

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