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Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2022 October 15

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre, with over 950 employees, is part of the Quebec health and social services network, Nunavik region. It provides the population of the Hudson Bay territory with front-line health and social services. The Inuit population is distributed in seven (7) communities established on the Hudson Bay coast from Kujjuaraapik to Salluit. 

Under the authority of the Chief Pharmacist, participates in activities related to the delivery of pharmaceutical care for the community component of the Inukjuak and Puvirnituq population in a rotation system, for the hospital center in Puvirnituq and for the six other clinics on the Hudson Bay coast: control of the distribution and use of medications, follow-up and adjustment of anticoagulation therapy, teaching of nurses, activities of the pharmacology committee and other committees of the CMPDSF as needed.

Community Pharmacy Component: 
The pharmacist is a consultant in the area of medications and drug therapy. Through his/her knowledge, he/she is able to counsel clients on diseases and help prevent and/or cure them. 

  • Practice focused on pharmaceutical care and therapeutic follow-ups
  • Multidisciplinary work
  • Excellent collaboration with MDs
  • Verify the accuracy of prescriptions;
  • Ensure verification of prescriptions;
  • Analyze pharmacological records;
  • Monitor drug therapy;
  • Dispense permitted medications to clients;
  • Educates clients on indications, contraindications, side effects, drug interactions and dosage
  • Counseling clients regarding prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and health management;
  • Collaborate with pharmacy technical assistants;
  • Provide exemplary customer service;
  • Hospital Pharmacy Component
  • Under the authority of the Head of the Pharmacy Department and in accordance with the laws in force, the pharmacist participates in activities related to the control of drug distribution, the optimization of drug use and the various clinical and professional activities of the department.

 The pharmacist actively participates in the development and implementation of new care programs, in the elaboration of protocols and treatment guides as well as in the teaching, evaluation and research activities of the institution.

  • Participation in the Health Center's Council of Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Midwives as an active member, as well as on sub-committees
  • Any other responsibilities as delegated by the immediate supervisor, may include participation in pharmacy development projects. 

  • Membership in good standing with the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec
  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences
  • Master’s degree in hospital pharmacy, certificate in community pharmacy or the equivalent shall be considered a major asset
  • Relevant experience in hospital pharmacy, familiarity with the Assyst Rx system
  • Spoken and written skills in English and French
  • Capacity for adaptation and work within a multidisciplinary team, good sense of responsibility
  • The position requires much versatility; in effect, our institution’s pharmaceutical practice has two components: conventional hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy serving the community’s outpatient population. The tasks are equally divided between the pharmacists in the form of weekly rotations.
Experience required
  • At least 1 year experience in a similar position is an asset; 
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Bilingualism in English and French essential (spoken and written)
  • Adaptability and ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, good sense of responsibility;
  • Ability to interact in an interdisciplinary team;
  • Ability to meet deadlines; 
  • Flexibility and excellent adaptation skills;
  • Strong interest in working in a different cultural context and environment;
  • Ability to work under pressure and in an emergency context;
  • Discreet, autonomous, responsible, curious, resourceful
  • Knowledge of Gesphar and AssystRx software would be an asset
Conditions and benefits

  • Hourly rate between $43.93 and $55.47;
  • Day shift 40hours/week, 8-9 weeks in the North/4 weeks off in the South depending on status;
  • 3 to 4 annual outings depending on status;
  • 6,000 per year will be allocated to purchase 2 additional round trip airline tickets
  • Incentive bonus: 40H of 6%;
  • Retention bonus of 45%;
  • Attraction and retention bonus between 2.6% and 7.4%;
  • Cargo premium: $115.64/week
  • Removal premium: $203.66/week without dependant and $358.99 with dependant;
  • Settlement package $50,000 upon hiring for two years with three additional years at $25,000 each (possible total of $125,000 over 5 years).
  • Furnished housing provided;
  • Moving expenses paid by the employer;
  • Storage costs, if any, paid by the employer.
*** Professionals who are currently in the health and social services network can request a Nordic leave of absence without pay (up to 48 months) from their institution to work in Nunavik *** 

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Please send your resume to the following email address: recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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