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Housekeeper (heavy work)

CLSC, Hudson Bay
2021 March 05

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre (CSI), with more than 900 employees, is part of the health and social services network of Quebec, Nunavik region. It provides the population of the Hudson Bay Territory of approximately 7,000 people with front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support. In addition, it provides youth protection services and management for the Nunavik region of Ullivik in Dorval. Its mission is to welcome Inuit people who need to receive health services in participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed in seven communities on the Hudson Bay coast from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

Under the responsibility of the Hygiene-Salubrity Coordinator of the Inuulitsivik Health Centre, the housekeeper is responsible for carrying out the activities related to heavy and light disinfection (combined) and safety of the furniture and internal surfaces of the facility under the responsibility of the Health Centre, thus ensuring the cleanliness and assepsis of the rooms or are delivered.
Employees are also required to perform household chores in related administrative buildings and, if necessary, in employee housing (large households).
Employees will be required, as required (determined by the coordinator), to travel to the 7 villages served by the Inuulitsivik Health Centre for disinfection-asepsie work in clinics or large households in related buildings (administrative premises or employee housing).


Hold a certificate of professional studies (AEP) in hygiene and health in the care setting, an asset or compensatory experience of a minimum of 2 years in hygiene and health. 
Be familiar with the various pathogens found in the care setting,
Outbreaks and associated disinfection techniques;
Know and the different working techniques
recommended by the MSSS;
Be discerning, professional and leadership;
Communication with colleagues and superiors
Being able to work in changing working conditions and adapt to the unexpected quickly, 
Great flexibility in schedules
Be comfortable to evolve in a cultural environment

Conditions and benefits

The employee must be available at least five (5) days per week, out of two (2) shifts (day and evening) including one weekend out of two (2).
Stays of 8-9 weeks in the North followed by 4 weeks off in the South
4 floating temporary full-time positions on the 7 villages on the Hudson Bay Coast
Day shift: 8:15 to 1700- Evening quarter: 16:15 to 00:00
Overtime after 7.45 hours
The employee could be contacted outside of regular work hours to compensate for a one-time need.
Hourly rate of $19.69 per hour - Nordic premiums ranging from 228.57/sem to 372.68/week depending on the village.
Air transport and furnished accommodation provided by the centre;
Group insurance;
Uniform provided by the center.


Additional details

Send your application to: melanie.lepage.mnq@ssss.gouv.qc.ca
Only candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted.

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