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Updated on 2023 March 23

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Medical device reprocessing worker

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 March 31

Under the authority of the immediate supervisor, the person is responsible for various complex tasks related to the MDR of materials, equipment and others, according to the priorities, instructions and standards in force. It must also operate, where appropriate, the equipment for this purpose. It performs its duties in the URDM, in the operating room or in a department where an organized system or part of an MDR system exists. It performs other tasks, as appropriate, such as the transport and distribution of medical equipment. She teaches and administers in connection with the WDR for the entire CSI.

1.      Collects, sorts, decontaminates, disinfects or sterilizes, inspects, assembles and packages equipment
2.      Stores, distributes, transports clean and/or sterile and/or reusable and/or single-service equipment
3.      Ensures the supply of equipment to users, according to their needs
4.      Operates and maintains various devices (washers, sterilizers, etc.), storage furniture, surfaces and premises
5.      Understands and practices the quality controls required at each stage of the MDR process  and documents them according to established standards.
6.      Participates in the orientation and teaching of various tasks related to sterilization and acts as a resource person for the teams responsible for sterilization in the seven (7) communities of Hudson Bay.
7.      May be called upon to replace in village Participates in the implementation and development of the MDR program for the hospital in Puvirnituq and also for the six (6) other communities served in collaboration with the infection prevention and control sector.
8.      Has a teaching and representation role with CSI staff Respects the standards, regulations, values and mission of the institution
9.      This entire mandate concerns specialized services, the UDS, CLSCs, maternity, dentistry and all internal and outpatient clinics that do MDR at the CSI and must be done in close collaboration with the various sectors of activity.
10.  Participates in the evaluation and purchase of any new equipment related to MDR.

·         Is responsible and accountable for the quality of his work and the product
·         Collaborates in the training and teaching of various tasks related to the MDR
·         Collaborates in the development and updating of reference tools
·         Acts as a resource person for the various stakeholders
·         Any other task at the request of his superior.


·         Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC) in sterilization technique
·         Experience in endoscopy an asset

Experience required

·         Minimum experience of two (2) years in sterilization

Essential skills and aptitudes

·         Demonstrate the ability to adapt to stress, autonomy, ease of communication, ability to work alone or in a team, resourcefulness
·         Have good physical resistance to be able to work standing for long hours and regularly lift and move loads
·         Possess good visual acuity as well as good coordination of movements and good dexterity
·         Available to travel in the six communities served by the IHCOpening to the  cultural diversity French and English, spoken and written

Conditions and benefits

Permanent full-time based in Puvirnituq;
Hourly rate between $22.36 to $25.00;
Cargo premium $115.64/week
Isolation premium $203.66/week without dependent, $358.99/week with dependent;
3 to 4 annual outings depending on family status;
- Group insurance
- Furnished housing provided
- Air transportation covered by the health centre
- Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the health centre
- Up to 16 weeks off per year

***The professionals of the health and social services sector can ask for a Northern leave (of up to 48 months) from their establishment in order to work in the Nunavik region***

Additional details

Those interested in applying are requested to do so in writing to this email address:​  recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca 

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