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Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2021 March 26

The Inuulitsivik Health Centre (IHC) in the Nunavik region, with more than 900 employees, is part of the Québec health and social services network. It ensures front-line health and social services for the population of the territory of Hudson Bay. The Inuit population is spread among the seven communities along the Hudson coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.
Under the IHC’s mental-health program, the psychologist shall offer second-line mental-health services to individuals and groups of persons with a mental-health problem, with the goal of improving their overall well-being.
Through therapy and brief intervention oriented toward solutions and the development of adaptation mechanisms among the users, the psychologist shall work closely with the IHC’s interdisciplinary team while assuming an advisory role to support the front-line teams in managing complex mental-health cases. He or she shall actively participate with the work teams toward attainment of excellence through a commitment to the ongoing improvement of service quality and support for development.

Under the supervision of the PLA and mental-health program head, the psychologist shall:

·        assess and monitor patients referred to him or her according to the established procedure;
·        ensure brief follow-up for clients hospitalized in the care unit when referred to him or her;
·        carry out group interventions with other members of the mental-health team or other concerned interveners on issues such as management of emotions, anger, anxiety and impulsivity;
·        carry out interventions in crisis situations, both individual and group;
·        cooperate in the design of the customized care plan with the various professionals so that each user has a care plan, integrating the family, significant persons or legal representatives, with the goal of responding to the individual’s needs and ensuring the provision of the care and services required;
·        maintain records in accordance with the IHC’s policies and those of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec;
·        ensure continuity of care and services involving the various internal and external interveners concerned;
·        participate in training for front-line employees relative to mental health;
·        cooperate in the development of tools and protocols for improving mental-health care;
·        ensure compilation of the statistics necessary to service maintenance and evaluation;
·        serve as resource person in mental health for the various interveners on the Hudson coast;
·        identify and bring to the attention of his or her immediate superior any clinical situations that may require the establishment of new rules;
·        fill out an accident/incident report when such an event occurs and take the necessary corrective measures as soon as possible;
·        cooperate with youth-protection services in receiving applications for consultation for the parents of their clientele, as agreed on in the service exchange between the two departments.


Doctorate in psychology
*In order to use the reserved title, the psychologist must be member of the Ordre professionnel des psychologues du Québec.
At the employer’s request, the psychologist shall provide proof of membership with said order.
·      Minimum of five years’ clinical experience, including two in the health and social services network
·        Experience in a remote region shall be considered an asset
·        Experience in transcultural health shall be considered an asset
·        Bilingualism (French and English), both written and spoken; Inuktitut shall be considered an asset
·        Sound communication skills and ability to work within a multicultural work team
·        Familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Lotus Notes
·        Respect for cultural diversity
·        Valid driver’s license
·        Availability for air travel to the various Hudson communities when required
Expected on-the-job training:
Refresher on mental health
Participation in training offered by the IHC

Conditions and benefits

Hourly rate from $26.43 to $49.82 according to salary scale corresponding to the employment title of psychologist, for unionized personnel of the health and social services sector
35 hours per week
Cargo premium of $115.64 per week
Isolation premium of $191.93 per week
Retention premium of $114.99 per week
Furnished housing provided
Moving and storage expenses reimbursed by the health centre
Up to 16 weeks’ leave per year
Candidates may be required to undergo a written examination or an interview.


***Professionals currently in the health and social services network may apply for northern leave without pay (up to 48 months) with their institution to work in Nunavik***



Melanie Lepage
Human-Resources Advisor
Inuulitsivik Health Centre
Hudson Bay, Nunavik

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