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Updated on 2020 April 03

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Temporary position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized


Ulluriaq Boys Unit, Montréal
2020 April 06

Temporary full-time position (70 hours/period)
IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Head of programs in rehabilitation
STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

Under the responsibility of the department Head of programs, supervising access for the regional rehabilitation services, the person structures and organizes the integration requests process within the regional rehabilitation services as well as application for placement outside Nunavik. The person also manages requests for intensive supervision and has the decision approved by the designated person.

 In this capacity, she / he is responsible for receiving and taking care of requests, organizing discussion tables, gathering all legal documents, facilitating discussion meetings in a spirit of collaboration and search for solutions and ensuring respect for the decision-making process. In addition, she / he must organize the logistics related to the integration of the youth into the new unit, travel and court attendance. She / he must follow up on the file, perform the statistics related to the services and report the realities and needs to the supervisor.
The person will have to perform any other related task at the request of the supervisor.
As an indication, the position is based in Montreal



Bachelor`s degree in Social Work, Psychology or Psychoeducation
Minimum of 5 years of experience working with young people with adjustment difficulties (knowledge of troubled youth in Nunavik could compensate for a lack of years of experience)
Thorough knowledge of the type of customer service, their families and related issues
Thorough knowledge of the YPA, YCJA and LSSSS
Ability to demonstrate a level of greater autonomy and a developed sense of priorities and organization
Ability to prioritize, manage multiple assignments on time and demonstrate excellent judgment while operating flexibly, humanely and professionally
Knowledge of the dynamics of youth development and the functioning of a group
Mastery of the concepts and the clinical process
Knowledge of validated programs, approaches and clinical instruments
Capacity to lead and coordinate clinical discussions
Ability to analyze, synthesize, conceptualize and write
Ability for autonomy, initiative, creativity and leadership
Ability to maintain and keep the required consultations with clients and internal and external partners
Ability to establish positive interpersonal relationships
Mandatory bilingualism (French and English), spoken and written; Inuktitut would be an asset
Good ability to adapt to a different cultural background
Agree to participate in any training offered by the employer or an educational institution that is deemed necessary for a more effective performance of their duties or tasks
Ability to use computer software and clinico-administrative systems
Available to travel when required by the employer

Conditions and benefits

SALARY: Min.:     883.75$    Max.:   1,582.70$ / 35 hours

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