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Updated on 2021 February 25

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Temporary position, unionized or unionizable nonunionized


Ullivik, Montréal
2021 March 12

The Inuulitsivik Health Center, which has more than 900 employees, is part of the Quebec network of health and social services in the Nunavik region. It provides front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support, to the population of approximately 7,000 people in the Hudson sub-region. In addition, it offers services related to youth protection as well as management, on behalf of the Nunavik region, of Ullivik, located in Dorval. The Ullivik's mission is to welcome Inuit traveling south to receive health services from participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is distributed among the seven communities along the coast of Hudson Bay.

Under the authority of the Financial, Material and Information Resources Director, the incumbent is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. He advises managers on acquisition matters. It conducts market research and financial analysis to develop trading strategies to reduce the overall cost of ownership. It drafts and tenders and evaluates bids received and ensures the implementation of procurement contracts. It recommends methods and procedures that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. It has the power to dictate rules as a procurement specialist to the organization in terms of strategy, laws, regulations, policies, methodologies and procedures.

Executing and coordinating the tendering process efficiently and professionally, ensuring that the procurement process is strategic, fair, transparent and allows competition while respecting applicable laws, policies and procedures.
Identify acquisition needs and target trading strategies.
Coordinating multidisciplinary tender project teams to prepare, establish and support the selection of acquisition strategies, depending on the targets identified.
Recommend strategic improvements and changes to existing procurement methods, standards and processes.
Estimate the cost-benefit of the various programs based on the resources required to implement them.
Assess organizational gain or potential savings, applications for education, standardization, product evaluation, services and equipment.
Write and revise the technical specifications prepared by the applicants to ensure that the conditions are in accordance with laws and policies and to provide for the various possible options without restricting competition.
Promote, where possible, social economy, fair trade and eco-responsible products.
Maintain ethical business relationships in communications and follow-ups with suppliers and internal customers.


University degree in undergraduate administration or in an area relevant to the function (e.g. business law, finance, accounting, logistics, etc.)
A graduate degree in a field related to the function is an asset
The title of supply chain management professional (p.g.c.a.) is an asset
Requirement for a minimum of 2 years as Selection Committee Secretary (Treasury Board Certification)
Minimum two years (2) of relevant experience in the supply and/or contract management sector and preferably in a health and social services network establishment, or in the Ministry of Education, an asset.

Experience required

Good knowledge of inventory management and procurement methods in a computerized environment.
Knowledge of various laws, policies, procedures, standards and regulations (LCOP, C.T. Policies and Regulations, MSSS, etc.) governing procurement activities.
Mastering Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and hardware resource management systems.
Spoken and written English, intermediate level.

Essential skills and aptitudes

Bargaining skills
Ability to concentrate, adapt and organize, superior
Knows how to deal with implementation timelines that can be short and proactively manage priorities.
Autonomy and judgment
Verbal and written communication skills.

Conditions and benefits

Temporary full time position 2 years
Tele-work, not necessarily in Montreal
Hourly rate between $24.87 and $43.06
The person who obtained the position could be asked to attend an Institution Facility depending on the needs of the files and procedures in Dorval or city St-Laurent (to be determinated)

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