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Updated on 2020 November 27

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Ullivik, Montréal
2020 November 27

The Innulitsivik Health Centre, with more than 950 employees, is part of the health and social services network in Quebec, Nunavik region. The Inuit population of Hudson Bay is divided into seven communities, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

Under the authority of the Head of Payroll, the incumbent of the position involved in the preparation and distribution of the payroll. In addition, the successful candidate will have to analyze more complex files related to pai and read different reports using computer tools. He or she will also be called upon to respond to inquiries from employees, managers and external organizations (e.g. CARRA).

Your mandate:
-Respect the production deadlines for the processing and the pay verse;
-Codify pay data in accordance with timesheets and analyze the consistency of payments to effect;
-Keep track of long absences in order to obtain payment authorizations;
-Validate the waiting period and calculate averages for salary insurance or CSST payments;
-Transmission of pay for treatment;
-When pay returns, extract files from electronic reports in order to process audits;
-See the production and calculation of written cheques to collective agreements and calculations of deductions at source;
-Correct deposits in the computer system and prepare a status report to balance with the payroll summary and accounting department;
-Transfer electronic files to bank deposits;
-Provide relevant information on the payment of wages to employees when paying back;
-Ensure payment and calculation of maternity conventions in accordance with collective agreements and in relation to the RQPA act;
-Installor in the system foreclosure of wages and the collection of support;
-Preparing and verifying tax deduction reports and anomalies in the CARRA report in order to obtain the necessary corrections before the final annual report is released;
-Complete carRA's pension application and service buyback forms; Track current service buybacks and prepare monthly payment to CARRA;
-Keep track of deferred-treatment convention plans;
-Analyzer and validate holiday banks, congresses and diseases and reports the necessary treatment;
-Treat specific files and complete formulas for various organizations;
-Identify anomalies in the production of Q4 and Surveys 1 and more the necessary corrections; T4 and Statements 1 fines breaking it;
-Produce the annual report to CARRA; Ensure that collective agreement-specific treatments are treated properly
-To identify any anomalies, which are the case with the parameters of the informed system and the application of monetary impact provisions relating to the working conditions of staff; these observations and recommendations to his immediate superior;
-Effect of the relevant control analyses and the submission of recommendations to his superior immediately;
-Participate in all audit and year-end processes;
-Now his knowledge of collective agreements, local agreements, the computer system, laws and regulations;
-Effect any other task trusted by his superior immediately.



Must hold a college degree in administrative techniques or in a discipline of a school recognized by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport. This job also includes individuals who, as a result of relevant experience, hold a college certificate in administrative techniques;
- Minimum of 2 years of payroll experience in the health care system
- Excellent knowledge and mastery of Logibec Software and/or Medisolution
- Mastering Microsoft Office, Windows, Excel and Word tools
- Good knowledge of the regiment receiving tax returns, employment insurance, CSST and pension plans.
- Having hands-on experience with networked computing tools in a Windows environment, preferably Logibec, will be an asset.
- Capacé of analysis and synthesis
- Attention to detail
- Integration
- Recognised discretion for confidential data
- Capacé to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
- Capacé to solve problems
- Self-development and autonomy
- Great ease of adapting to changes;
- You live a professional experience and personally different!

Conditions and benefits

1 year temporary full time based in Puvirnituq;
Hourly rate between $22.23 and $29.05 depending on the agreement;
Removal premium of $191.93/week without dependent and $338.29/week with dependent;
$115.64 freight premium;
Retention premium of $114.99/week;
Furnished accommodation provided;
3 or 4 annual outings depending on status;
8-9 weeks in the North followed by 4 weeks off in the South.

Workers currently in the health and social services system can apply for Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik.

1 year temporary full time position based  in Dorval;
Hourly rate between $22.23 and $29.05 depending on the agreement;


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