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Social worker - Mental health liaison

Inuulitsivik Health Centre, Puvirnituq
2023 June 30

The Centre de Santé Inuulitsivik, with more than 900 employees, is part of the health and social services network of Quebec, Nunavik region. It provides the population of the Hudson's Bay Territory, made up of approximately 7,000 people, with front-line health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and support services. In addition, he provides services related to youth protection as well as the management, for the Nunavik region, of the Northern Quebec Module located in Montreal. The latter's mission is to welcome Inuit people who must receive health services in participating Montreal hospitals. The Inuit population is spread over seven communities on the Hudson Bay coast, from Kuujjuaraapik to Salluit.

The individual works in an Inuit community on the Hudson's Bay Coast and works collaboratively with community workers/social workers to provide day-to-day social services. This person is comfortable in crisis interventions and problems of suicide, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and addiction as well as mental health problems. Flexible and open-minded, the person must be ready to discover different visions and approaches to individual, family and social problems. The person must be able to adapt their intervention techniques and strategies in a way that recognizes and respects Inuit culture and values.

The tasks and responsibilities of the Mental Health Liaison Social Worker cover different mandates through which he is mainly responsible for liaising between the different institutions / partners and promoting the fluidity of information exchange, all aimed at optimizing the continuum of services for clients.

Puvirnituq Hospital
The social worker of Liaison santé Mentale plays a pivotal role for the follow-up of any users hospitalized for mental health needs in Puvirnituq and for whom a request to social services has been made. In a hospitalization context, there are regularly many actors involved with the client. The centralization of exchanges by the mental health liaison social worker allows an optimization of client service and length of stay.

  • Specific tasks related to the Puvirnituq Hospital mandate :
  • Participate in the daily meeting of the department to receive new requests and discuss ongoing follow-ups **The request for service can also come from the social worker carrying the file in the village of belonging or any other member of his treatment team.
  • Complete a summary social functioning assessment by collecting data from the user's social and medical file, by contacting the HCW of the village of belonging (if the client is followed) by meeting the user and, if necessary, his relatives.
  • If relevant, establish with the TS of the village to which he belongs the intervention plan to be applied to the user during his stay (e.g. management of cigarettes, pocket money, recovery of identity documents ...)
  • Make any other required assessments or interventions with the client.
  • Establish the conditions for returning home and the interventions to be put in place to ensure the safety and / or meet the needs of the client at discharge.
  • Transmit the relevant information to the actors concerned throughout the duration of the stay and until the departure of the user to his community.
  • Complete the interventions necessary to implement the discharge plan according to the needs of the user.
  • Facilitate fluid communication between the different village teams, partners and hospital medical staff when required.
  • Make sure to file the notes and evaluations in the user's file within the deadlines prescribed by the OTSTCFQ's standards of practice.
Uvattinut (Puvirnituq Supervised Apartments)
Uvattinut is a community-based supportive apartment housing organization for clients with mental health issues. This resource does not belong to the CSI, it is under the responsibility of the municipality of Puvirnituq. Nevertheless, many residents are clients of social services, whether in Puvirnituq or other Nunavik communities. The involvement of the mental health liaison social worker aims to promote the well-being of the clientele of this establishment as well as a concerted work with the Uvattinut team and the HCWs assigned to the files of each of the users housed.
  • Organize regular meetings with Uvattinut staff to follow up with users.
  • Collaborate with Uvattinut staff, with the HCWs assigned to users' files and any other professional involved to set up and operationalize an intervention plan for each user. These intervention plans aim to acquire the skills necessary for independent living.
  • Communicate relevant information to relevant stakeholders.
  • Assume the management of cigarettes and personal expenses for users, when required. Ensure the quality of service offered by Uvattinut to users.
  • Ensure that users' needs are met. For users coming from outside Puvirnituq, accompany users for various procedures (e.g. purchases, procedures with different authorities and / or service providers, requests to housing ...)
  • Ensure compliance of the financial management of users under Trust or public protection supervision.
  • Perform administrative record keeping in accordance with the standards in place and in collaboration with the SC assigned to the file.
  • Provide support in crisis management situations. Make sure to file the notes and evaluations in the user's file within the deadlines prescribed by the OTSTCFQ's standards of practice.
Curateur public du Québec
The social worker of Mental Health Liaison has the mandate to ensure the smooth flow of information with the office of the Curateur Public. It also has a support mandate related to certain tasks specific to mental health clients under public protection supervision. Some of these tasks may also apply to mental health users under third-party administration (Voluntary Trust).
  • The social worker liaison mental health is responsible for ensuring that applications for protective supervision are finalized.
    • Is notified when a completed application for protective supervision is sent to Puvirnituq.
    • Retrieve the document sent by mail.
    • Inform the HCW who completed the application and the clinical advisor of receipt of the document.
    • Ensure that the application is complete.
    • Give the document to one of the following 3 persons according to their availability to complete the Notice of the Director General
      • Executive Director
      • Deputy Director General
      • Director of Professional and Hospital Services
    • Ensure, once the Notice of the Director General has been completed, that the document will be sent to the Office of the Public Curator in Montreal, by the Executive Secretary, by registered mail.
    • Inform the HCW who completed the application and the clinical advisor of the submission of the document.
    • Transfer the acknowledgment of receipt issued by the court to the HCW that completed the application.
  • Transmit the various information / communications received in Puvirnituq from the Curateur Public office to the social workers concerned as well as to the Clinical Advisor.
  • Organize and plan the Public Curator's annual visit and ensure the flow of information related to this event to social workers and clinical advisors.
  • Support social workers from other communities for the realization of interventions and evaluations of mental health users, under public protection supervision, staying in Puvirnituq.
  • At the request of the Clinical Advisor or a superior, check the account balances of users receiving last-resort assistance to ensure that the accumulated savings comply with the regulations in force.
  • Transmit the information collected to the clinical advisor in order to plan the interventions to be implemented when required.
  • At the request of the Clinical Advisor or a superior, proceed with the request for transfer of funds to the Curateur public's office for users under public protective supervision who have accumulated a balance of more than $500.00.
  • Follow the procedure in place for the completion of "Special Money Requests".
Other tasks
  • Collaborates with youth services (EYF and DYP) for the follow-up of youth clients in need of mental health services;
  • Follow up with clients hosted in the south in mental health resources. Liaise with the Douglas for IHPs and plans for returning clients to the north of mental health follow-up clients;
  • Ensure the follow-up, in collaboration with the social worker assigned to the file, of users temporarily staying in Puvirnituq;
  • Ensure, if necessary, the liaison between social services and any other relevant institutions or partners (in the North as well as in the South);
  • Participate in the orientation of new employees;
  • If necessary, replace a colleague to cover the function.
  • Assist in other communities in crisis situations
  • Any other tasks required by the exercise of the position or by superiors.

  • 1st or 2nd cycle university degree in social work
  • Member of the OTSTCFQ
Experience required
  • Have been trained for the OEMC and/or OCCI tool and have completed the tool as part of their work
Essential skills and aptitudes
  • Hold a valid driver's license, bilingualism essential (French and English) both orally and in writing
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Quebec's health and social services network
  • Great ability to adapt in a different environment and culture;
  • Developed sense of analysis and synthesis;
  • Ability to work under pressure, in emergency and crisis situations.
Conditions and benefits

  • Permanent full time based in Puvirnituq
  • Hourly rate from $27.08 to $47.98
  • 35hrs/week + on call
  • Three to four annual personal trips according to family status
  • Up to 16 weeks of leave per year
  • Cargo premium from $115.64/week
  • Isolation premium between 203.66$/week and 358.99$/ week according to family status; 
  • Retention premium of $114.99/week
  • Furnished housing provided
  • Moving expenses assumed by the employer
  • Storage expenses, if applicable, assumed by the employer

**Interveners presently working in the health and social services network may apply for northern leave without pay (up to 48 months) to work in Nunavik**

Additional details

To apply, please contact recrutement.csi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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